The Girl Who Lived

So, this isn't exactly the series. It's more of like a pilot on a television show except its a story. If I don't get good feedback then I'm throwing the whole entire story into the trash. This quiz is multiple choice.

I have put Wallflower and Before You Say Goodbye on hold for now. They will be continued eventually but I ran out of ideas. Oh yeah, theres a few things you need to know about the story. The protagonists name is Scarlet. Her name can be easily replaced with yours if you don't like the name but, I simply had to have a name. Scarlet does not know the identity of her parents and she is a metamorphogus. Lastly, she is entrusted into the care of the Malfoys but she is treated more like a maid. She has not recieved a letter allowing her to go to hogwarts and she is the same age as Draco, Neville and the golden trio.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. Days Before Hogwarts......
  2. I've never known my parents. I could be called an orphan but I know my parents are alive. At least one of them. Ever since my brain was able to contain memory, I've received letters from my parents well, at least one. After only receiving one letter from my mother her letters stopped . Father never mentioned anything about the subject. I guess that she's no longer of this world. All of his letters are sent by owls so I'll never know their identities which I'm perfectly fine with. There's just this void that won't go away of who my parents could be. My thoughts were interrupted by someone shouting from the next room over.
  3. "Hey orphan!" Draco shouted as he strode towards me. I patted down my smock and dress to brush off a majority of dirt that had been clinging to my raggy clothes trying to make myself look at least presentable.I stopped sweeping and held the broom in my right hand while I shook my head to make my hair fall in front of my face instead of my hair being tucked behind my ears. I have a scar on my forehead that on instinct I know it needs to be hidden. Draco looked down at me trying to reach eye level. I just stared down at the dustpan by my feet. There's always a punishment if you look a Malfoy in the eye. Doby, their house elf was almost thrown out of the house just for looking him in the eye. Speaking of which, I probably haven't mentioned the reason how I know this. I was actually adopted by the Malfoys, well that's at least what Lucius says.
  4. "Who said you could slack off. I remember father telling you that you would only be adopted if you followed my orders. My orders are for you to clean this house to make it spotless and to prepare tonights dinner at seven sharp. If not, my father will hear about this and there will be a huge punishment for you." With that, he turned on his heel to buy his things that were required for attending Hogwarts. It's supposed to be this huge magic school. School will be starting in only a few days. Draco really wanted to attend a school named Pigfarts. He claims its on Mars but his father won't let him since there's no way that Mars would be able to support life. I was adopted by the Malfoy family but only under the condition that I would be Draco's caretaker. It's not as awful as it would seem, the Malfoys are letting me attend Hogwarts this year but only under the condition that I look after Draco. I don't think he's going to be the one who needs looking after. Well, he might. If I weren't working for him or his parents, then I would've beat him up myself not caring about the consequences. It just depends if he acts like a spoiled brat around the others. If they do, I'd be willing to help in a heart beat. After cleaning I prepared dinner. I loved the house when the Malfoy family was gone. The house became alive and all their servants had personality. Whenever they were out we would swap chores to change things us a bit and some people preffered certain jobs more than others. That's how I learned to cook. The cook and I swapped chores once and she taught me how. She's unfortunately no longer with us. She passed away a few years ago from chronic diseases and tuberculosis. She drowned in her own blood. My train of thought was stopped again when I heard the knockers hitting the door. I allowed them both in. It was a man who I had seen around town and talking to the Malfoys. He went by the name of Mr.Weasley. He had brown eyes and ginger hair. There was a boy my age who looked like a replica of Mr.Weasley. It must be his son. I led them to the dining room and they eyed their surroundings with suspicion and awe at the same time.
  5. "What's that heavenly scent?" They both asked. I was about to answer but was stopped by the grumbling of their stomachs. I suppose they hadn't had breakfast yet. They seem like extremely nice people.
  6. "Banana bread, it was baked this morning. Would you care for a piece?" I didn't give them an answer since I knew ahead of time. I set them down in the seats in the dining room. "I'll be right back." I entered the kitchen to fetch slices of banana bread I had made this morning for the servants and me to share. I made a little too much and now all of us were sick of banana bread. Cooking isn't permitted unless it is for the Malfoys so we keep it a secret. We celebrate birthdays the same way. In the mornings all of sneak down into the dungeon by my room and eat away to our hearts content. I grabbed the last banana bread loaf from behind the cabinets. No where a Malfoy would ever look. Much less ever enter a kitchen. I grabbed two plates, began brewing tea and brought it all into the dining room. The plates stacked and loaf on top balanced on my head and I carried the tea. I set it down for them to eat. "I hope you enjoy it." Never have I ever seen bread or any type of food gobbled down in such a short period of time. The both downed their half of the loaf in one bite. The entire loaf was 10 by 14 by 3 inches. Come on, I know that I'm not them most educated person on the planet but I know that's not physically possible. They had already finished their bread faster than anyonw could've said "˜bug'.
  7. "Seconds please." Said the ginger headed boy with brown eyes. This is completely impossible. He held out his plate that had no crumbs on it, his shirt certainly did. It was covered in crumbs.
  8. "Excuse me miss....." Mr. Weasly said at a loss of words since we hasn't officially introduced ourselves yet.
  9. "Scarlet Malfoy." I replied extending my hand.
  10. "Terribly sorry, but by the looks of your clothes I figured you worked here. You don't look the least bit like a Malfoy."
  11. "You're not wrong. I'm not a Malfoy and I do work here. I'm adopted."
  12. "How much are you paid to work here? My home is always cluttered even though my wife is constantly cleaning. I think it'd be good to have someone like you around the house. Please at lease consider my offer. We will provide you with a home, food, shelter and we'll have you attend Hogwarts with Ron and my other sons." He said pointing at the red headed boy.
  13. "If you ever decide to cook anything, any food in general is fine with me. I won't complain, I'm not a picky eater." These comments made me smile quite a bit.
  14. "Thanks, but the Malfoys probably won't even allow me to leave the house, much less be adopted into another family." With a puff of white smoke appearing in the center of the room, it was soon obvious that the Malfoys decided to apparate home. I grabbed my broom once more to clean up the ash that had collected in the center of the room .

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