The Girl Who Lived part 46

So, I normally won't post this often unlss I know for sure I won't be able to post for a while. But, I just felt like updating today and to see how it goes.

I have less time now to write, so there will be less updates. I will still try to update every weekend if possible. Anyway, hope you enjoy the story.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. The two of us ascended from the staircase. Draco and I walked out together, my heels clacked on the ground when it hit the pavement. My arm interlocked with his. After walking quite a while with these shoes, my legs became a little unstable and began to shake.
  2. "You should sit down. I'll go greet the guests." Draco had said as he led me to one of the many unoccupied chairs. As he did, I noticed that the way the sun shone on his skin and how it added so much color to his normally pale face. His shoulder brushed with his Father's as the head Malfoy glared solely at him.
  3. "Looks like those two don't get along very well. What's the story?" I turned my head to see Q. Parker sitting next to me.
  4. "Aren't you supposed to be yelling at someone for minding their own buisiness?"
  5. "Look, it's just a thing. The reason I'm working is to pay for a way out." He wasn't in day clothes like he was in the kitchen earlier. He had changed into a white collared shirt and black pants that had looked like they were juct ironed.
  6. "A way out of what?"
  7. "a huge debt."
  8. "You're not a person made of many words are you?"
  9. "While your not a girl with a lot of-"
  10. "What's the huge debt for?"
  11. "Rehab."

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