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  • I've just finished reading Year 1 in your story. I enjoy it, yes but there is a HUGE error. You're definitely NOT supposed to use magic OUTSIDE of Hogwarts. I'm sorry but that mistake is disrespectful. I like your writing but oh my Merlin's butter slim fit pants, that is wrong x_x

  • I love this series. It's creative and unique, and the plot twists are just brilliant. I was always left waiting for the next part, and since you post so fast, I wasn't disappointed. I'll be eagerly looking out for third year!

  • Dear readers,

    I have a note that should have been posted after I posted this part and therefore long overdue. Scarlet's adventures at Hogwarts will continue on August 2nd which is my 1 year anniversary on being a writer on GTQ. Thank you so much.

    yours truly, C.S

  • I have missed the last parts I guess but hopefully, I'll read them soon. Anyways, great part once again! :) I truly enjoyed it and I hope to read all those parts pretty soon.


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