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Thread Topic: Single Group!

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    Topaz Novice
    I'm single, but I don't care. I'll get a boyfriend eventually! :D
  • DeathStar321 Novice
    I'm single 'cause I'm shy and quiet. I'm not shy online but in real life I am.
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    Single.........but not really looking.......
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    Babe1002 Novice
    single *crying*
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    It's okay babe!
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    angelic4 Advanced
    single and free
    In relationship with freedom
    I'm single because God is busy writing the best love story for me
  • Single, both with friends and guys! (And that's the way I like it...for the moment that is.) XD
  • DeathStar321 Novice
    why are so many people sad cause their single? I've never had a boyfriend and I'm 13 for petes sake! I'm not even sad about it!
  • wildwolf145 Novice
    I'm single and I don't plan to have a boyfriend. All the ones I date are trying to get closer to my sister and not love me.
  • Solo Gleek Newbie
    Im single! hence the "solo" in my name :) but im happy
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    Selena112 Senior
    Single, and I don't give a damn.
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    chopinssonata Novice
    yup. You don't need anyone else.
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    Sports19 Novice
    Single and wish i was dating a certain someone!
  • Kendall Newbie
    Single because...

    1) Not allowed to date
    2) Most guys I like in real life wouldn't ever look at me
    3) Most guys (I know) are jerks
  • lady chre Novice
    I'm only 12 :P aka another secret code for "Single and IDGAF"

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