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  • Are You Beautiful?
    [published: Sep 08, 2012, 2 comments]

    There are so many people in this world who don't acknowledge their beauty. Of course, it's not good to brag……

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  • Questions
    "For my first question, could you be forgiven of your sins without telling anybody on Earth? The reason I ask is because I don't feel comfort..."
  • "I need help with Spanish. I mean REALLY, REALLY basic Spanish."
  • Questions
    "Questions that need answers. I would prefer a Catholic or Christian, but all are welcome. 1.) Can someone be forgiven of thei"
  • Unexpected
    "Glad I'm not on the list."
  • "Very random... but sounds cool."
  • What Would You Say?
    "I would say... no, I wouln't say anything. x) What would you say if I said I was considering getting plastic surgery? (Yea, I"
  • 15 challenges
    "Day One: Steven"
  • Advice Please?
    "Okay, I will now spill my guts out of strangers over the internet. Two years ago, this guy had a crush on me. Back then, I th"
  • "*Sigh* Not yet, but I think guys would've kissed me by now if I was allowed to date and they weren't afraid of my dad. x)"
  • what is your religion
    "Roman Catholic"
  • i have somthing to say.
    "Couldn't have said it better myself."
  • "Why don't we let a Mormon answer this? Afterall, it is their religion. Go ahead, Skyler."
  • Mike and DC only.
    "Interruption! Kay, I'm leaving. :3"
  • Would you rather?
    "Fall of my enemy. They wouldn't be my enemy any more if I loved them. ^-^ Logic. Be sexually abused, or physically abused?"
  • I will say a word...

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