Would you rather?

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Thread Topic: Would you rather?

  • PersonXD Experienced
    Ipod, I don't have a phone.
    Dogs or cats?
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    Sage Parson Novice
    Both! :)

    Pirate or robot?
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    DeathStar321 Novice
    Be as big as a giant or be as small as a fairy?
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    ange Novice
    Be as small as a fairy

    Be murdered or be the murderer?
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    madid Experienced

    Judged by 12 or carried by six?
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    Sports19 Novice
    1st one

    Rectangle or square?
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    SG115 Novice
    Rectangle. Squares are the shape of EVIL >:O

    Octagon or parallelogram?
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    Klingon or Dalek?
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    Sports19 Novice
    Uh... No idea what those are so imma choose the first one

    Skittles or M&M's?
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    M&ms. Theres a story behind that........

    Horned melon or cactus pear?
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    Sports19 Novice
    Horned melon.

    Have the power to hear what others are thinking without them hearing you or knowing you are listening, or have the power to be completely invisible both sight touch and hearing- wise?
  • Oh, that's a hard one. Be able to hear what others are thinking without them knowing.

    Marry your worst enemy, or marry the famous person you most dislike?
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    Sports19 Novice
    Famous person i most dislike. Atleast i will have money and a big house to avoid him with

    Have the job of your dreams but be hated for it, or have the job you want the least but still be loved?
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    SecretLie5 Novice
    Dream job, its my chose

    Fall for your enemy or hate your crush
  • Kendall Novice
    Fall of my enemy. They wouldn't be my enemy any more if I loved them. ^-^ Logic.

    Be sexually abused, or physically abused?

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