Where do you belong?

If you've ever felt like me, you've wondered where you belong. Some people take time to pause in life and think if they could be something else... well, some don't know.

And if you cannot figure out this, then take this quiz. You'll find out that you are maybe a free-willed runner, a criminal or fugitive, a high-flier. And it's all just a click away.

Created by: _Followed_

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you believe in the thrill of the hunt?
  2. What is your favourite type of book
  3. What hour do you usually go to sleep at?
  4. A cold, rainy day; I...
  5. Your phone rings at an early hour; When you pick it up, you say...
  6. Favourite drink?
  7. If you were to control an element, what would it be?
  8. I'm starting to get really frustrated and lazy with coming up with questions
  9. Do you like this test so far?
  10. Okay, last question. Can you sing?

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Quiz topic: Where do I belong?