What decade do you belong in?

Every decade has the few things it's known for. The 1960s are known for hippies. The 1970s are known for bell bottoms and disco. The 1980s are known for crazy hair and clothes.

Which one would you best fit in with? Which decade do you belong in? With this short, easy quiz, you can find out what era you belong in, ranging from the 50s to present day!

Created by: Fallout3

  1. You like _______ music.
  2. You decide to dress up in a style of clothing people wore in the past for Halloween. You wear...
  3. Which movie title sounds the most interesting to you?
  4. The best band/artist of these is...
  5. The best girl name of these is...
  6. The best boy name of these is...
  7. True or false: You think tattoos, piercings, etc. are immoral and wrong.
  8. True or false: You believe that old rock (ex: Kiss, Queen, Aerosmith) is "devil's music".
  9. True or false: You could not live without phones, TV, computers, etc.
  10. True or false: You are prejudiced against at least one race.

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Quiz topic: What decade do I belong in?