80's boxing quiz

The 80s were an exciting decade overall, boxing included. How much about boxing in the decade do you know?? You have been challenged, now you must answer the challenge, Mike!

Are you ready for a KO quiz, to either win by KO or be knocked out by the quiz? Sanchez, Gomez. Hagler, Leonard, Duran, women boxers, Tyson, Holmes...how much do you know about boxing in the 1980s?

Created by: Antonio Santiago

  1. Who won the 1982 bout between Wilfredo Gomez and Lupe Pintor?
  2. Who won in 1981 between Gomez and Salvador Sanchez?
  3. Who won in 1989 between Iran Barkley and Nigel Benn?
  4. Also in 1989, who won the rubber match between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard?
  5. Who won the 1982 fist feast between Bobby Chacon and Rafael Limon in their fourth fight against each other?
  6. There was women's boxing in the 80's too...name the two sisters who were women boxing world champions in that era?
  7. Who did Mike Tyson beat in 1986 to win the world Heavyweight title for the first time?
  8. Welcome to Hollywood.....! Which famous actor dabbed in boxing promoting during the 80s?
  9. Which one of these was NOT a world boxing champion during the 80s?
  10. Talking of Hollywood....which of these names is shared both by a movie star with a place in the Hollywood walk of fame AND a world champion boxer of the 80s?

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