Are You A future boxer

I hope this is true for you in the future if you get a high score. If you make it big mention me dog. for you guys who get a low score, become a farmer or something. I hope this quiz is accurate because if its not type me back

For you fans of boxing, kickboxing UFC(ultimate fighting) This is the quiz for you see if you've got what it takes to become a great fighter be like me join a boxing club if your new to this stuff

Created by: Luke L Coltrin

  1. have you ever been in a fight?
  2. why do you want to be a boxer?
  3. Do you have boxing gear?
  4. Whats your body type
  5. what is your personality
  6. Do you think you are tough
  7. Do you have tats, nose rings ect.
  8. Would you risk your life to fight.
  9. How many times do you work out
  10. Last question: Who won your last fight

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Quiz topic: Am I A future boxer