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Do you have what it takes? Are you as crazy about 'Back to the Future' as the next person? Well he's the test for you! On all three movies of the trilogy!

Enjoy as you try your best (without watching the movies) to answer all the questions and score above the rest! Time flys so take your time on this! Thanks!

Created by: Jamal K. McMillion of facebok
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  1. Who is the main actor and plays the role of Marty McFly
  2. What time do all of the clock show in the first few seconds of the first film?
  3. What does the time machine's license plate read?
  4. How fast does the time machine have to be to travel into time?
  5. How much power does it take to get to _____________?
  6. What does Lorraine Banes father say to her after Marty leaves?
  7. Which date and time in history will the Hill Valley clock tower be struck by lightning?
  8. What is the band's name that plays at the 1955 dance
  9. What model van do the terrorist use in the killing of Doc Brown?
  10. If you touch the time machine what would you feel?
  11. What color lights are lit on the DeLorean when it goes back in time?
  12. What does Biff say to Marty after the principal finds them in the Cafeteria
  13. What's the principal's name?
  14. In the beginning of the second film, which character is played by a different actor(ess)?
  15. What color is Marty's truck?
  16. In the year 2015, what kind of shoes does Doc Brown make Marty wear in the second film?
  17. How many coats of wax does Griff want on his car?
  18. What game is in the 80's cafe when Marty's pretending to be his son in 2015
  19. What does the little girl say when Marty tries to give back the hover-board in 2015?
  20. What are the dates on the front of the Sports Almanac?
  21. What video-phone service does the 47 year-old Marty use?
  22. Who steals the DeLorean in 2015
  23. Fill in the Blank: Biff: $300 dollars for a couple of dents? That's bulls--- terry. Terry: No Biff, it was _______ s---.
  24. What does the principal take from Biff in 1955 when he finds him out side the dance
  25. At the end of of the movie where is the mysterious man from that delivers Marty the 70 year letter?
  26. What was the exact time elapsed told to Marty when he opened the letter from Doc Brown in 1885?
  27. What were the last words spoken by the 1955 Doc Brown in the second film?
  28. In the beginning of the third movie what is on Doc Brown's Television that wakes him?
  29. What's Doc Brown's occupation in the old west?
  30. Who was Doc Browns favorite writer?
  31. When does Doc Brown get his picture taken with Marty in 1885?
  32. Who does Marty pretend to be when he goes back to 1885?
  33. What does Doc Brown tell Marty to think in?
  34. What does Doc Brown place in his tea from the huge machine in his place in 1885?
  35. What does Doc Brown place in his tea from the huge machine in his place in 1885?
  36. What was the name of Clayton ravine before it was named Clayton ravine
  37. How does Marty and Doc Brown get the DeLorean to 88MPH in the third film?
  38. When the man selling Colt .45s ask Marty, 'Where'd you learn to shoot like that?' What does Marty say?
  39. What does the sheriff ask Mad-Dog Tannen, before he gets enters the 'shin-dig'
  40. Where does Marty return to first in 1985 in the third film?
  41. What was Mad-Dog Tannen's real name?
  42. Who does he almost race in 1985, that would've injured his guitar playing forever?
  43. What color was the Rolls-Royce that Marty would've hit in his race?
  44. What does Doc Brown make his second time machine out of?
  45. Extra Credit Question: What was the energy made by in the second movie that would take the time machine to the future?

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