How Well Do You Know Back to the Future?

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be a God? Well how a about a God of everyone's favorite movie. See if you skills are up to the challange of this quiz.

After completion of this quiz you will know if you are qualified to preach the good news that is Back to the Future. Who knows, maybe Marty McFly himself will show up for you.

Created by: booky
  1. In the first movie, which character do you meet first?
  2. What shape does the time machine take the form of?
  3. What power source did the time machine run on in the first movie?
  4. What is Einstein?
  5. How did Doc come up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor?
  6. What is Doc's real name?
  7. Be honest, Which is the best character in the entire series?
  8. What is the major antagonists name in the third back to the future movie? ( the main bad guy )
  9. Who does the Doc fall in love with in the third movie?
  10. What was Marty McFly's preferred method of transportation.
  11. What speed did the time machine need to reach before it would travel through time?
  12. "Now make like a tree and . . ."(Young Biff back to the Future)
  13. "Hello, . . ." ( Biff Tannen )
  14. What year did Marty get sent back to in the first movie?
  15. What false name did Marty take on in the first movie?
  16. What clock tower did the lightning strike?
  17. At what time did the lightning strike the Clock tower?
  18. What was the theme of Marty's parents' school dance?
  19. Last Question: What song did Mary play at the end of his parents' school dance?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Back to the Future?