Back to the future quiz for the MI Forums

Some back to the future lovers are still alive, are you one of them? There is only a way to find out. Let's see if you really watched the movie or just read the wiki

This quiz contains 25 questions about the 1st movie. 2nd and 3rd movie quizzes are coming soon. Let's see if you love the movie or you're Whovian...

Created by: Iantonio397
  1. What was stolen and was under Doc's bed when the movie started?
  2. What instrument does Marty McFly play?
  3. Who is the director of the Hill Valley High School?
  4. Why did Marty's band get rejected for the audition?
  5. Who is the mayor in 1985
  6. What did Doc forget in his house?
  7. Who is the main antagonist in the movie?
  8. In what mall was the time travel experiment made on
  9. What model car is the time machine made on
  10. Who was the first time traveler in all history?
  11. Who didn't get out of jail?
  12. What speed did the DeLorean have to reach to travel in time?
  13. After each time travel, how does the car end up
  14. How much energy does the Flux Capacitor need to do a successful time travel
  15. How could the time machine get such energy?
  16. Which country were the Plutonium Robbers from
  17. Where did Marty end up after the accidental time travel to 1955?
  18. What song played in the town square as background in 1955?
  19. Where did Marty find George McFly?
  20. How did Doc get the vision of the Flux Capacitor?
  21. What's the name of Doc's dog in 1955
  22. What song did Marty play in the dance?
  23. How did Marty get back home?
  24. Where was Doc headed when he left Marty in his house?
  25. What did Doc say when they were leaving?

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