Which will be your future job?

Hello. I am Lizzie. This is one of my very few quizzes I have made with GoToQuiz. Many people ponder of their future, part of their future will be their job. So now, you may ponder no more by just taking this very simple but effective quiz.

I would just like to tell you all, that this quiz might not be perfect so please don't take your result seriously. This quiz is only for fun. I would also like to add, please answer these questions honestly and I promise an honest answer back.

Created by: Lizzie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a passion for animals?
  2. Are you a determined person?
  3. What "group" were you in at high school?
  4. What kind of people do you hang around with?
  5. Do you use a wide range of vocabulary?
  6. Can you concentrate for long periods of time?
  7. Are you a curious person?
  8. Do you have many interests or hobbies?
  9. Are you patient with people or things?
  10. Do you study a lot? (Are you studious?)
  11. Do you have a vivid, unusual, or "weird" imagination? (Or dreams)
  12. Are you very emotionally sensitive?
  13. Have you a well-developed sense of humour?

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Quiz topic: Which will be my future job?