Hogwarts House Quiz

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Do you belong in Gryffindor? Maybe you're a Slytherin? To find out, take this accurate quiz!

It may not seem like much, but just awnser the questions the way you think they should be answered! You may not get the one you want, but it's the one you belong in. So have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Elizabeth

  1. When you get mad, you......
  2. You run into someone while walking.What do you do?
  3. You cheat on a test.How do you feel?
  4. What house do you want?
  5. What are you afriad of?
  6. RANDOM QEUSTION! Pick one (choose wisely.It will count)
  7. You are punched in the face. You.......
  8. Favorite color?
  9. Your friends describe you as......
  10. You would like to.....
  11. If you don't get you're house you will......

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