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  • Problem
    "@Carri04; Thanks :) Okay, so a month ago the guy i'm talking about has moved into my friend's complex with his dad due to tr"
  • Problem
    "@DaughterOfApollo; i'm sorry, not that I can think of. @Olivialivy; If you knew how much I care about him, you wouldn't listen to an"
  • Hello ppl of earth
  • Ok, ive got a question..
    "If his pupils shrink when someone asks if he likes you and he says he doesn't, he's probably lieing. I know this, this has happened to me be..."
  • Problem
    "Correction; we are, not we were sorry"
  • Problem
    "I know but everyone hates him because he appearently cheated on his Ex and we were all good friends with her. I'm afraid people might start ..."
  • Preview?
    "Need to know if you guys want me to post a chapter each day :)"
  • Preview?
    "Hey everyone, _Followed_ here Was wondering if I should post my story here. It's called R.O"
  • Problem
    "@DaughterOfApollo; I do, but my phone is broken and I am still in the process of saving up for a new, better one."
  • Problem
    "Just a note on this I am no longer Suicidal (and sorry for my misspelling of the word above)"
  • Problem
    "There's this guy. I met him a few years ago We became real good friends, sharing lazy days, going down town, eating at plac"
  • "Anything new? (Not with me D;)"
  • "Pfft hi"
  • *sits in her room*
    "Hi everyone .... "
  • "Hey everybody, I've recently became a new member and I am excited. BUT THERE'"

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