Determine Your Body Type

Everybody has a body type. However, many people do not know what body type they are. We can not efficiently train our bodies and diet correctly unless we can identify our body type.

This short quiz will help us distinguish our own individual body types. The results will give you some insight about your body type and what you can do to achieve your fitness goals with your body.

Created by: Andrew of Big Deal Fitness
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  1. Your body frame is:
  2. I am hungry:
  3. I consider my body type:
  4. My activity level is:
  5. When it comes to my weight, I:
  6. I consider my body metabolism:
  7. Of the following, the best choice which describes me:
  8. My skin is:
  9. My muscles are:
  10. I am mostly:

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Quiz topic: Determine my Body Type