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There are many people who claim they eat well and exercise efficiently. Only 1% of those people are actually correct. Are you amongst the chosen few? Or are you one of the know-it-alls still attempting to achieve their goals?

Dieting and Exercise are complicated sciences that for some reason people think they understand completely. Do you have 6 pack abs? Are you as lean as a magazine model? We all CAN be... so why aren't you? Maybe you don't know how.

Created by: Lifestyle Change Online
  1. Which is the most effective way to burn fat all over the body?
  2. What is the best combo to eat to lose fat?
  3. What is an optimal form of "Cardio" for fat loss and endurance?
  4. What is better to consume for long term fat loss: 1 McDonalds Hamburger, or a homemade burger with a large whole wheat bun.
  5. Which is a superior combination of exercises for fat loss?
  6. What is the best solution for fat loss?
  7. Why spend money on a diet plan when you can get "Tips" and basic advice (ie: just eat less calories!) elsewhere for free?
  8. The older you get...
  9. Which makes the least difference?
  10. What is the best to follow for fat loss?

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