Before You Say Goodbye (finale)

Been quite a while since I last did this. But anyway, I can't remember if I posted the last couple of chapters on here. But, if you can't find them, then I have a wattpad account

to look on. It's chopinssonata1849. So It's been bugging me that I had actually never finished this one. But I have quite a few projects going on at the same time

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. My answer would've been yes in a heartbeat. But I really didn't like the whole jealousy act and when he left me behind to die. Although, I'd die even if he was here with me. I didn't answer him for several seconds and couldn't conceal my happiness any longer. I hugged him as if I would never see him ever again. Days later, the wedding took place. Some could say that we were rushing into things, but who cares? Life is short, especially mine. I walked, well more pushed than walked, but I still made it to where Jack was. Instead of my usual clothes, I wore an old hand-me-down dress from one of the nurses who insisted that since its a special day, I could borrow it.
  2. The dress and even the decorations made everything seem more alive. Even though the decorations in the hospital weren't as extravagant as the weddings seen on TV, I was just happy with what I had. I was surrounded by relatives and many nurses that I had met. The lunch ladies also joined in and helped with the celebration. Since the hospital doesn't get much funding, the lunch ladies held off on giving cake during the day and served a huge cake at night. The dress swished at my sides, and as I walked down that aisle and saw Jack standing there in his dad's old prom suit, never have I felt happier. We danced the night away partying,. We even broke curfew. Jaime protested to the wedding, but I convinced him that this is exactly what I wanted to happen.
  3. Later that night, Jack and I laid in our hospital beds that were right next to each other. We held hands, staring into each others eyes and reminicing about the entire night before today. All the lights were switched off and the only light in the room was a single candle near my side of the bed. "I had my bachaelor party last night. Craziest thing that ever happened to me. It obviously wasn't a surprise, but it made me feel special. One of the nurse's dressed up in a hulu girl costume and jumped out of a cake and we gambled with monopoly money." He continued to go on with his story of his bachaleor party at the hospital. But as the night grew on, the candle flame began to burn out......
  4. Days later: I soon couln't remember the day. Soon it became things much bigger. I could soon feel my life beginning to burn out.
  5. Jack's POV: Whenever I try and go into her room, the nurses won't let me.They're saying that she doesn't want me to see her like this. Apperently, she's forgetting names, and even herself. i went to her door when the nurses weren't looking and picked the lock. I opened up the door to see a pair of soulless eyes. She wasn't even eating anymore, she was picking at her food, playing with several pieces of peas using her fork.
  6. "You remember who I am right?" I asked, trying to be as calm as I could. Yelling at her wouldn't do any good, and I knew that in my mind. But my heart told me to scream and shout, as if it would wake her from this trans. "Yes, your name is Jack." A part of my heart felt warmed, but the rest, stone cold. "Whats your name?" Only silence. "I don't know...." She looked down at her peas and looked as if she were in deep thought. But then looked up at me, with those dull eyes with a confused look all over her face. I left her there and decided to return the next day since she began to fall asleep. Hopefully it was just that today was a bad day. However, that wasn't the case, and I found that out the very next day. I opened her room without having to pick the lock this time. "Hey, I'm here." i said, hoping that those emotionless eyes would show a spark of recognition. But no such luck.
  7. I think that day i heard the worst 3 words ever. "Who are you?" She asked. And as she did, I felt pieces of my heart begin to crumble. The nurses escorted her out and I felt myself falling apart. "Goodbye." she waved at me and left the room. Her memory of me was gone, and so was her soul. 4 days passed, that were full of only pain and suffering. For the two of us. She fell into a coma and eventually died when the tumor traveled to the rest of her body and shut down her brain. Today is the day after the funeral and I hold a letter in my hand. One that was withheld by a nurse who would only give it to after she was gone.
  8. "Dear Jack, my time with you is running thin, and I can sense it. The days we spent together as newlyweds were amazing and I would've loved to spend so much more with you. But my time on Earth is running short and after I'm gone, you mustn't feel extremely upset over my death. We both knew this day would come. I love you with all my heart, which is why I want to say this before I say goodbye. I want you to move on after I pass. It'll be the only way that I'll be at peace. There are pleny of people out there that deserve a person as wonderful as you are. Go, enjoy life."
  9. As the writing went on, there were many more writing and spelling errors. Inside the envelope was a note that told me to look in her desk. I found a scrapbook filled with precious memories we shared that were nothing but happy.
  10. Years later....... As I glance at one of our pictures, I don't cry, i feel happy. "I took your advice, I have a family now, but she isn't the same as you. But I'm glad that you gave me that advice so many years ago, the ones before you wrote for me before you said goodbye."

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