The Wallflower part 1

Welcome to the first part of wallflower. My writing doesn't seem to be as popular as it was. So, I just figure that it was because my stories are kind of depressing in the end.

Anyway,this is going to be a series, so don't be worried. I just need and awesome ending. Can't wait until I start on new stories. I'm already thinking of some.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. Everyone in school knows my name. Hazel. Why? I'm the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school. He could be considered the "it boy" but, he's different from the other people at the popular table. He doesn't conceal his true identity behind a flawless mask. Before I knew him, I figured he was like every other popular in the school. Stuck up and snobby. It did honestly took me by surprise that Adam wasn't like them. When you know someone who's popular and mean, it doesn't quite set a good example for the rest of them. We had met while doing a science project and being assigned partners. We had to dissect a frog and a pigs stomach.
  2. The first day was awkward and there was this thick wall of ice between us. Things did not go well between me and his girlfriend, Brittany. Brittany was the type of girl with blonde hair that was always pulled back into a perfect ponytail, piercing blonde eyes that punctured it's way into the hearts of boys around the campus, and a short and tight uniform that she'd always parade around in even when she didn't need to wear the uniform. It became her daily outfit. Who was she?
  3. Head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school. I guess a few people saw us working together, stretched the truth a little and told her. She wasn't too happy. She marched up to me outside of the school after dismissal with a few of her underlings. Not many people outside besides the drug addicts, student council who had to stay after school and of course, us. Too few witnesses. I knew that if her underlings killed me, she wouldn't be associated with my murder and no one would rat her out. That's because she bribes the teachers and school for good grades and to pass every year.
  4. Her parents spoil her and not to mention, are filthy rich. Her so called 'friends' attempted to beat me up. Never have I been happier to have had been on the hockey team this year and be in the martial arts club. I didn't need to beat them up, I just needed them to tire themselves out. They probably would come up with some crazy excuse that would now get me expelled. But that's just a mere flashback. Now, I'm his girlfriend walking hand in hand. Feeling the warmth emitting from his hand into mine. It was a Saturday and we had decided to take a stroll around my neighborhood. The sound of wheels from a car moving rapidly hurt my ears. Gunshots. This was a drive by. We jumped out of the way of the car and hopefully out of the way of the bullets.
  5. As the sound was drowned out, I opened my eyes. My vision was blurred by a red liquid. I wasn't hurt, and the heat coming from his hand had stopped. There was something on me, preventing me from getting up. I pushed it off carefully. It was my boyfriend with several gun shot wounds scattered around his body. I only had a few scratches from when my body hit the pavement. I called for an emergency squad. He tapped on my shoulder for attention and I looked over at him.
  6. They loaded him onto a gurney into the emergency vehicle. I hopped in still holding his hand, the warmth fading. Blood had soaked through his white T-shirt. Adam's ruffled brown hair was ruffled and messy, like usual. They took his heart rate and put it up onto the monitor. I looked up and watched as his heart rate slowed and his breathing slowed as well. I held onto his hand hoping it was all a dream, that I would wake up tomorrow and he'd be there. But that's not how things work.
  7. I felt something in his hand drop onto the carpeted floor of the vehicle. It glimmered. I picked it up, it was his ring. He always wore it. There was writing glinting off the inside of it. It said 'happy anniversary Hazel, looking forward to another year with you'. At that same time, I felt my heart break and his breathing stopped. Tears strolled down my cheeks. I didn't make a noise, wanting him to go in peace and that there was no way to bring him back.
  8. His parents hadn't found out until later that day. They loved me and didn't blame me. They offered me to help them put the funeral together but I refused. Not only did I feel extremely guilty for the incident but, I wasn't sure if I could live it down. I got home one day after the school, two days after he died. I went to my room and locked the door. I stood on a chair and tied rope around the ceiling fan and then around my neck. I wouldn't have to deal with stress anymore.
  9. I wouldn't have to live on knowing I could've done something. What difference did it make? I already couldn't feel anything. Emotionally or physically. Because that day since he passed on, I stopped feeling anything. I took one last breath of air not that it mattered and jumped off the chair. I would finally be free. Not some empty shell of a person. Finally, freedom. That wasn't my last breath. I awoke later in a hospital gown in the emergency room.
  10. I felt around my neck, I could feel the imprint of the rope. So close. First my parents came in completely shocked of what I did. Then came in Brittany with her outfit showing way too much cleavage for a hospital. I didn't really have many friends but, she definitely wasn't one of them. "I heard Adam died. What a pity. He and I were soon going to announce that he was going to dump you and he was going to go out with me. It's your fault that he's dead. You have no one else to blame but yourself.". She said this without any emotion. It was like a band-aid being torn off your skin or getting your eyebrows waxed. Apparently she hasn't heard of sugar coating.
  11. "What a nice early Halloween costume. Let me guess. A prostitute. Trust me, you really pulled off the look. Oh wait, that's how you naturally look.". She huffed, rolled her eyes and strutted out. All the eyes of every guy was on her. I glanced at the ring I had jammed in my pocket and that was now on my desk. I grabbed it and put it on my finger, hoping this was all a dream. That it would be like a nightmare and eventually fade away when I want it to. It's not. This is reality and I don't know how I'm going to live through this.

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