The Girl Who Lived part 15

I'm sad to say that one of the GTQ users who has been with me since the beginning of my writing on here might not be writing anymore. Her user name is mcqueen.

Yes, I have other people who read my writing but, she's been reading my stories since my very first quizzes, which to speak truthfully, have the worst plot and isn't very good compared to the stuff I'm writing now. (continued in parting words)

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. All the students of Hogwarts had exited the 9 ¾ platform and were now at the regular train station waiting for our parents to pick us up. The twins, Ron and I parted ways from Neville and Hermoine, whose parents had come to pick them up. The Weasleys had kindly offered to ride Harry home. When we had dropped off Harry and we rode home in the magical car. Once I had stepped out of the car I was squished in a bear hug by Ginny and Mrs.Weasley. They welcomed us into the house and we settled around the dining table for dinner.
  2. "So Scarlet, how was your first year of Hogwarts?" Inquired Mr.Weasley.
  3. "Great, I can't wait to go next year. I learned so much."
  4. "Can you tell us one thing you learned?"
  5. "Can you tell us one thing you learned?"
  6. "Why don't I show you? I learned how to do this." Ron was reaching for the bread and I decided to make a trick out of it. "Wingaurdium Leviousa." I announced, as I made the bread Ron was reaching for levitate.
  7. "That's wonderful, Scarlet."
  8. "The trick isn't over with yet." I made the bread levitate slightly higher and then I made the bread hit Ron. We had all gotten a good laugh. I stood and bowed, that's when Mr. Weasley cleared his throat.
  9. " I've decided that it's necessary for the family, including the new member Scarlet, to go on a trip. I have decided that we will go camping in the great outdoors starting tomorrow and it will last for exactly one week." There were a few moans and groans at the table, but I was excited. I've never gone camping before, but there's always a first for everything. After dinner, I felt as if I were going to explode. I headed to the room I had shared with Ginny and laid down hoping for some rest. It had been a long day. A few minutes later, Ginny had come up.
  10. "So, how was Hogwarts? You need to tell me the stories you have and the adventures."
  11. I love Hogwarts and it's only my first year. I can't wait until year 2. I'd tell you all the stories right now if I could but, then we would miss the entire camping trip." Several minutes later she was still pestering me about a story. I gave in and told her the one about the woods at night. I left out the part about the figure drinking the unicorns blood. I didn't want to spook her. Instead, I replaced the hooded figure with a lost Hogwarts student. I had slept a good few hours which wasn't nearly enough, when I was shaken awake by someone. I opened my eyes and I could only see a dark figure. I began to scream but a hand was clamped down on my mouth to muffle the scream.
  12. "Scarlet, calm down. It's just me." I recognized Rons voice and I figured the two skinny silhouettes in the hallway were Fred and George. "We need you to cover for us if mom and dad wake up."
  13. "Wait, where are you going?" I said rubbing my eyes.
  14. "Harry needs help, I know it. But it might take us until morning, I have a feeling that mom and dad might wake up to find us missing. You need to cover for us."

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