Can you survive being kidnapped?

Have you EVER wonder how it would be TO BE KIDNAPPED!? Well now you can just start this quiz and you'll know! It takes you through a hypothetical situation where you decide your next move. By the way please don't be mean about it its my first.

Well now can YOU Survive? I have very many more quizzes to make so I hope you love it as much as I do! (Remember Its my first)

Created by: Silly Lilly12223
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  1. Now you're walking down the street with your Best friend forever, Tammy.
  2. Then, a black van starts following you. So you speed up. But it stops in front of you.
  3. Boom ( Unless you pick run he gets you anyway ) Three guys come out and get Tammy, then you:
  4. Then the other two knock you out and you're in the car. After a while you wake still in the car. you see lipsticks, so you.
  5. Then you get knocked out AGAIN! You wake up tied with your hands together and feet. Just like Tammy.
  6. When you try you fail. You try to untangle Tammy and did it correct. She untangles you. " Lets go" She says.
  7. Then you creep around until you see a girl who is about to die. So you help her. " Thank you but sorry" Then she holds a gun.
  8. Boom Then Tammy kicks her and then She passes out. You run. " Whoa THAT was SCARY" Tammy says. After you leave you.
  9. Then they come and your mom. You both go home.
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Quiz topic: Can I survive being kidnapped?