The Girl Who Lived part 34

Happy 4th of July all. Got a new phone which made today more wonderful than it usually is. I got a galaxy S3, it's a great phone to have if anyone is considering getting a new one.

Well, it isn't over yet for stories being out today, there is still time for another chapter to be published tonight before midnight. Thank you all and enjoy.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. Later in the mess hall during lunch hour, I decided to visit Hermione in the hospital wing with Neville. I brought 2 dozen freshly baked assorted muffins in a picnic basket. We bumped into Crabbe and Goyle on our way walking in the hall.
  2. "Hey Crabbe, Goyle. Here, have a muffin to compensate for the snacks that Draco ruined earlier." I handed them each a muffin. "We must be on our way to visit Hermoine, your free to join us if you like." They shook their heads.
  3. "No thanks, his majesty doesn't like to be kept waiting." Goyle said bowing.
  4. "yeah, his highness is a royal pain in the-" Crabbe snorted until I slapped my hand onto his mouth. I saw Draco walking up to us.
  5. "Excuse me, I'm royal pain in the what?" Draco interrupted.
  6. "Well, good luck to the both of you getting out of this one." I said putting my hand on their shoulder before leaving with Neville. We passed many faces in the hall that I couldn't put a name to. I saw Oliver as he was about to pass us. He had a vintage lace ribbon tied around wrist. "That is not your color." I said pointing to my ribbon.
  7. "Here, I wanted to give it back. It seemed to have had been giving me good luck in quid ditch, I wasn't even hit by a bludger this time." Oliver untied the ribbon from his wrist and placed it in my hand. Taking the ribbon with care, I tied up my hair with an elastic hair-tie first and then tied my ribbon on top of it. "Id's love to talk more but it's time to go to quid ditch practice.
  8. "Thanks Oliver." I waved goodbye and we continued to walk forward towards the Hospital Wing. When we arrived I set down the basket of muffins and wrote 'thanks so much for coming to visit Hermoine or one of the kids who were paralyzed. Help yourself.' on a card, placing it outside of the muffin basket where it was visible. I turned back to Hermoine. Neville set down 5 books in case anyone wanted to read to her. He looked over at me and his face turned from relieved to concerned.
  9. "Your leg." He said pointing at my right leg.
  10. "What?" I looked down at my leg to my calf. Underneath my leggings, I could see part of the gauze I had wrapped my calf in sticking out. The off-white color it had when I wrapped it, had turned into a deep maroon. "I fell while running in the forest. I scraped my knee a little, it's nothing to worry about."
  11. "Did anyone take a look at it?"
  12. "No but, I really didn't want to worry Ron and Harry. They're so worried about Hermoine, Hag rid and the Chamber. I can't burden them. I know how to take care of myself. I disinfected it."
  13. " At least let me take a look at it." I sat knowing that when Neville did this, he would not let go of the subject. Pulling up my legging, I removed the gauze to show my gash. I winced a little when separating the gauze which had become some sort of clot from the gash. Neville's face remained calm as it always was. He reached for rubbing alcohol that was on a table that was on the other side of Hermione. He reached over her and poured the alcohol onto the scrape. Neville replaced the old bandages with new ones for sanitary reasons. "There, all better."
  14. Glancing at Hermione, I noticed something peculiar that grabbed my attention. She was clutching something. Now standing, I reached for her hand that was concealing pieces of crumpled papers. I gently loosened her grasp on the paper. Maybe what was in her hand had gotten her petrified.
  15. "Neville, you have to take a look at this."

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