Delinquents pt 5

This isn't really the story. Its more of a flash back. If your reading this right now then, I'd like to thank you for being one of my few readers. So, thank you.

There will be two new characters coming soon. One will be a friend from the past and the other will be someone kind of normal. So, on with the story! "SHUT! UP!". That was Smosh

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. As I woke lying on that same classic picnic blanket, I sat up curiously looking around. Did curiosity actually kill the cat? or was it just the cause? I've always been in danger, so I know not the let my curiosity get to me. When I was younger, innocent and naive, I trusted everything everyone told me. This was before the verbal abuse and physical abuse (hitting/ slapping) started. One day, when I was 8 I ventured into the woods.
  2. My parents never really cared. To everyone else outside our family, that fake happiness was just a stupid act. As I was running into the woods, I met a stranger who wore simple plain clothes. The face is a blur. I can't remember. "Come with me to my house. I'll give you candy.". He offered his hand. At first, I was hesitant but then I remember something my mother had told me. Earlier she had given me tips on life. One happened to be 'use the kindness of strangers and take advantage of it.'.
  3. To this day, I still don't understand why I did but, I took his hand. He took me to a black van and we were on our way to his house. House my butt. This was no house, it was a mansion that any kind of royalty would live in. A nice scenery on the woods. So isolated, it was private. Alarms of common sense should've gone off in my head but, they didn't.
  4. He dragged me inside and locked me into a dark room. A room so dark I couldn't see my surroundings. Minutes later there were footsteps, a door creaking open and a door closing. I soon felt someone close to me. Entering the barriers of my 'personal space'. There weren't many noises but I could pick up the sound of clothes being thrown onto the floor twice. I felt a slight breeze which was weird considering the room wasn't cold until those noises occurred. And that's when I pieced things together. Those were my clothes and this wasn't an act of kindness from a stranger. That was rape.
  5. Three days later, I was found in a brown frock zip tied to a pipe in the basement by the police. The police returned me to my parents, and began the search for him. It appeared he had hidden himself well, too well to even be found by the top investigators. They offered a shrinks services and I took them trying to cope.
  6. Once I got home, instead of coming home to a normal family, I entered the underworld. That's when the abuse began. 'how dare you wander away! You made us look like fools, bad parents!'. They had said as dad and mom or who I now like to call Steve and Martha, whipped me with a belt.
  7. As the years passed by, the beatings got less severe but, still bad enough to leave black eyes and bruises. At therapy they'd asked why I wore such conservative clothes in the summer. My answer was always the same. 'I just feel like it. Is there anyone who has a problem with that?'. I would say as I leaned forward in my chair, cracking my knuckles.
  8. Not only on that day did my beatings start but also when my personality change. I had learned to trust no one. My naive and innocent personality became rock hard and I started over. I later joined a rag-tag team of Yankees whom as you know, blew me off for their most recent prize from that heist.
  9. They soon became my new family. People who had similar stories to me and that I could relate to. Then, there was Mathew. He was a Yankee with a story like no other. His eyes a deep green with that ginger-blond hair. His dad left, and he had too many siblings to count. He became a Yankee to earn money for food for his family.
  10. We'd always been there for each other. I'm not sure if he even thought of me as a friend. We could've just been there for each others utter convenience. Since I've been here, I always wondered what happened him. He's probably still out there trying to feed his family. I've never told him but, since I didn't need the money, I put all of my money into his account. I had no need for it. Not once in my life have I ever felt like I've been any use or admit to anything. I had a feeling in my gut that he would. After what my life's taught me, I now know three things. One, never fall in love. Two, never trust anyone. Lastly, curiosity did kill the cat.

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