chopinssonatas new update 1

Enjoy the quiz. Anyone can participate in the contest if they want to. Please with an upside down turtle on top? Please. Anyway, that all for now folks.

367 viewers. Holy Carp. Thats a lot of viewers. Sure, a viewer may be repeated but, I don't care. It's all the viewers I have. My quota is now offically 1000. Up Up and an F$%#$^&$ way

Created by: chopinssonata

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  1. Yo peeps. Just wanna say hi
  2. Anyway, first I wanna say that I have gotten 367 total viewers! I counted them all up two days ago and the number increased slightly. I just wanna thank all the fans/readers in this question.
  3. Anyway, every 10th part in a series, I'll allow one of the reader, viewers write a scene. It must go with the plot or be a special.
  4. leave your answers in the comments box on this quiz.
  5. That person will get the credit for that part that they write
  6. So, there isn't a particular due date, so have fun writing.
  7. Please enjoy my other quiz series
  8. Almost forgot. My new series is called NEVERland.
  9. NEVERland takes place after the story of Peter Pan. But, this time it has quite a dark twist to it. What if.... The Peter Pan story wasn't true What if.... captain hook died... What if..... wendy was dead.. What if..... The time in NEVERland began to work
  10. Looking forward to your ideas

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