~UPDATE!!~ True Heart and Magic ~Part 15~

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I don't want to say what's in this quiz. And apparently I can't add random spacebar spaces so I can submit this which is mean. But alright then... 123

But alright! It's pretty much an update of True Heart and Magic. Like what's new and what's coming up. If you have any questions, comment it. ~StarMaya~

Created by: StarMaya

  1. Hey everyone! I know a lot of you guys are mad at me because....
  2. ...It's been a while since the last True Heart and Magic but I have news...
  3. ...Since it's summer break. I plan on doing a lot of THAMs. And I am setting up dates for each one that is due...
  4. The next one (THAM ~15~) will be out next Wednesday or 6/27/12 at 7:00pm (pacific time)
  5. Trust me I have been upset with myself as well because i've been slacking but now i'm back!
  6. Also I have created a Facebook page for THAM. IF you want more information on that, just comment and I'll help.
  7. Ok but now here's the catch...
  8. If I don't get 5 comments from 5 DIFFERENT people by the 27th, I will postpone the release another week.
  9. Sorry but I need to see how many people are faithful to THAM and if I don't have at least 5 people, what's the point?
  10. So comment it up! and hopefully this update helps any of you guys!

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