True Heart and Magic ~Part 13~

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Hey!! Welcome to part 13 of THAM!! I'm sorry this one is late but I'm been so busy lately. Also I keep getting too many ideas that I keep revising. Sorry!

Um....... I really don't have anything else to say... SOOOOOOO Have fun and don't forget to comment. I won't make the next one unless I get 5 comments in 3 days.

Created by: StarMaya

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  1. Zack carries you upstairs with the guys following behind him, thinking in their heads. Your eyes are closed but you open them, only to see bright lights, shining at you. You cover your eyes. "Hey. Look who's awake. Are you alright?" Says Zack. The guys look at you and smile. You nod and cover your eyes from the light. Your head is pulsing with pain. The lights dim as you enter a room, YOUR room. Zack lays you down on your bed and the guys close the curtains so it doesn't hurt your eyes. You open your eyes again and start to sit up when Jake runs and lays you back down. "No _____. Your head isn't healed completely. Just go to sleep." Jake smiles and the guys nod at you. You look at them with confused eyes and say,"I can't go to bed after I attacked you guys." The guys laugh a little and Justin says,"You barely hit us _____. You were holding back a lot." You start to say something when Cody grabs your hand. "You have to go to sleep,ok?" Says Zack. You look at Jake who now has his hand on your chest and one on your head. You feel yourself relax and start to see a blue light.(Just like the Light you say the first time you met the guys.) You feel yourself fall into a calming sleep.
  2. *Guys* They watch you fall asleep calmly. They take a deep breath and smile. "Ok, I have to finish." says Jake. The guys look at Jake in confusion. "When we were at the castle, I didn't heal her head fully through, so I need to finish healing her head or she could have some major headaches." Says Jake. The guys say OOOO in harmony. It goes quiet as Jake holds your head with his glowing hands. Justin leaves to get everyone drinks because it's taking longer than usual. ~15 minutes pass~ Jake stiffens up. "What the... What is that?" Says Jake. "What?" Says Zack as he stands up really fast, almost knocking down Cody. "Sorry." Says Zack. "Anyway, What's what?" Says Justin. "I don't know what it is but it's like a wall inside her mind and it's blocking me from healing her head." Says Jake. "Well, Is there a way you can remove it?" Says Zack. "If I could, I wouldn't be telling you guys about the wall now would I?" Says Jake. He closes his eyes and focuses on healing you. It still doesn't work and he gets frustrated. "Jake? Jake! Don't hurt yourself. Let's leave it alone for now, ok?" Says Cody. Jake looks at you and nods. He walks out with the rest of the guys, closing the door behind them so you can sleep.
  3. You sleep peacefully when your dream turns black and white. You look around to see nothing but a white room with a black window in front of you. You step toward the window and see nothing but your reflection. You look around and you feel yourself float up and hit the ceiling. Then the room turns and your on the ground again. The window glows and flashes at you. You stand up and walk toward the window and look in and see a familiar face. You gasp and back away. You trip over something and start free falling toward Hell. You cover your face when you see a bright light above you and someone grabs you. You look at the person and see Troy smiling evily at you.
  4. You feel yourself being picked up and carried. You try waking up and opening your eyes but you can't. You suddenly see the white room again. The room gets smaller and smaller until it's just you and the mirror. You look into the mirror and see the guys sitting on the couch watching TV. You watch as the picture gets older and the guys disappear. You watch as they get older. Suddenly your in the room with them but they don't see you. You watch as they walk slowly. You go to them but you can't move. You watch in horror as they get older and older. The old Justin leans forward and you see a necklace he's wearing and you see the wood carving that you gave to them the day you 'died'. All the guys have necklaces on and they are all of your carvings. You see yourself disappear and enter the forest. You look around and see flowers by a tree. You get a closer look and see it says your name. It look old but the flowers look new. You go to reach for them but a light comes from it and you see the dining room. It's super dusty in the room and there's flies around the sink and the table. You look at the table and see skeletons sitting at the table. The light shines on the skeletons and you see necklaces on the skeletons. You gasp and fall backward. You stare at the skeletons. You get up and start to walk toward the skeletons when you hear the guys talking and shouting faintly.
  5. "________!" Yells Justin. The guys stare in horror as Troy holds your lifeless body in his arms. Jake's hands glow red as fire forms in his hands and a heat wave goes through the house. Troy smiles as he stares at your relaxed face. He strokes your cheek, wiping away a tear. "Don't you dare touch her!!" Yells Jake, sending another heat wave through the room. "Let her go Troy." Says Cody as he tries to read his mind, only to sigh in defeat. "Why? She likes being with me. She so calm right now." Jake squeezes his fist but holds in his fire for you. Troy looks around the room only to see Zack in the corner of his eye, punching him against the wall. Justin runs and catches you from hitting your head on the ground. Zack holds Troy against the wall tightly as Cody checks for bruises or even if you have a pulse. Cody takes a breath of relief as he feels your heart beating. He smiles at the guys and they all relax. Zack relaxes a little and Troy slips out of his hands and runs to you with a knife in his sleeve. Jake grabs Troy's arm and slips out the knife and melts it in his hand. The metal drips down Jake's arm as he still burns with anger. "Don't you dare hurt her!" Growls Jake. Zack runs behind Troy and pins him on the ground as Cody carries you to the couch. He sets your sleeping body down on the couch when he realizes something. Cody looks at Troy and he walks over to Troy. He looks him straight in the eye as Troy smiles. "What's wrong Cody?" Asks Justin. "What did you do to _______?" Troy smiles and asks,"What do you mean?" Cody grabs Troy by the shirt and pulled him up in the air. "What I mean is that _______ is a really lightsleeper, even if there was a knock downstairs she would wake up immediantly. But she didn't wake up when you were carrying her or how you got in the house. So What I mean is what the hell did you do to her?" The guys look at you then at Troy,pissed. Troy smiles and says,"I guess you can say she is under a spell of mine and she won't wake up...ever. So I give you the best of luck trying to wake her. Troy glows white and disappears in the air. Cody's arm drops as the guys rush to you, shouting your name. Justin tries shaking you awake but only to recieve no answer. Jake tries healing your body but nothing happens. Cody listens to your mind only to hear static in your mind. Zack stares at you and picks you up and walks out the back door, toward the pool. He reaches the pool and kneels down and sets you into the water slowly. The guys surround the water and watch as you get lower into the water. The water stays still for a moment until a flash of gold comes from the water. You finally float back up to the top of the water and Zack picks you up and sets you on the concrete. "That did nothing." Says Justin. The guys stare at you until Cody gets close to you. He gasps and whispers your name. "Cody?" Asks Jake. "I can hear her... She's calling us and crying." The guys stare at you.
  6. *You* You walk around the dark house looking for any hints on what happened to you and why you didn't wake up. You enter your room which has dust all over your bed. You sit on your bed spreading the dust all over the room. You hold your breath, waiting for the dust to fal to the ground. You look around and see how dark your room is without the guys. You see dead flowers around your bed and a book that is left on the edge of your bed. You pick it up and read,-September 13, 2045. ______ still hasn't woken up. We lay the flowers by her bed, wishing, hoping that she would wake up so we can see her beautiful eyes and bright smile. We never lose hope for her and she is still breathing. Please God. Wake her up.- You look through the book and see the first page. You read,-July 24, 2011. We save ______ from being pulled into the demon world by Sabrina. She is beautiful. More beautiful than the stars in the night sky. She looked so peaceful when sleeping. Good thing she wasn't hurt. But she will be scared when she wakes up.- You flip through the dusty pages and see how big the book is filled with pages, just about you. You keep flipping until the writing comes to a sudden stop. You read the last page. -October 26, 2086. ______ took her last breath today. We all stared in horror as her chest stops moving. Her body relaxes and she looks, dead. We carried her out and to the forest. We buried her right next to her tree and placed lilies around the tree. They were her favorite. I'll miss her. I will always remember that smile. I'll kill Zeke for hurting her. It's all his fault. At the ball. That stupid ball. He cursed her. She did everything to protect us from her. But he kill her. I will get revenge.- You stare at the page as you see the page a little wrinkle, like tears fell on the page. You reread what you read and gasped. "I was sleeping since the ball?! But I'm asleep now." Then it (FINALLY) hits you. You run to the pool and stare at the water. You just see the sky in the reflection. You touch your cheek and feel nothing. You start to breathe hard and scream out, "WAKE UP! I HAVE TO WAKE UP! I'M FADING AWAY!"
  7. Cody hears your scream and his eyes get wide. He backs away from you and stares blankly at your closed eyes. "Cody! What's wrong?" Yells Zack. Cody runs out of the room and to his lab. He scrambles through some cabinets and drawers until he finds what he needs. He grabs it and runs back to the room. The guys stare at him as he sticks a needle into your arm and a liquid goes into your arm. Cody holds his breath until he hears you say,"What the? I'm not disappearing anymore." He lets out a breath and falls against the wall,sliding to the bottom. The guys look at him weird and Cody smiles at them. "I gave her something to keep her safe for a while." The guys smile and sit by him, watching as you sleep, peacefully for once. The guys so end up falling asleep. The guys dream the exact same dream.
  8. *Dream* The guys end up in the exact same white room that you were in and see the mirror you saw. The look in it and see nothing but their reflection at first, until the picture changes and right next to them is your face, smiling and laughing. The guys reach for it and it screams and fades away. The white room turns black and they only see the mirror. They look into the mirror and see whatever you saw when you went into the dream but in fast mode. They only hear you crying and screaming for them. Finally the picture comes to a stop and they see you laying on the floor, sleeping. The mirror glows and you start to fade away. Only Cody reacts to this and they all wake up at the same time. They see that the sun has risen and you are still sleeping. Cody runs to you and checks your heartbeat and your mind. He hears nothing so he sighs. "What a weird dream." Says Justin, still sitting on the floor. The guys look at him and all say ya at the same time. They look at each other and Cody reads their minds. "You too?" Asks Cody. They find out that they all had the same dream with the same details and everything. They all sit around you while they eat breakfast until Cody hears you wake up in your mind. He focuses his attention on you. He hears you getting weak so he asks Justin to go down to the basement and get you an extra blanket. He nods and runs down to the basement and grabs a blanket until something catches his eye. He stops and looks at the object and gasps. "GUYS! GUYS GET DOWN HERE!" The guys run down so fast that it's almost impossible. Zack has you in his arms when Justin directs their attention to a mirror... the mirror from the dream.
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