True Heart and Magic ~Part 14~

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Hey everyone!!! Thanks so much for staying with me and I'm so glad that there's some people still reading with me! I've been so busy that I can't find time for the quiz but I found time today!!!! I also want to say thanks to my best friend Amanda, who takes my quizzes and helps me with them (By threatening me XP) So enjoy!!!

Thanks everyone for taking my quizzes everyone. I love you guys a lot!!! Thanks! Stay tuned please because I have many ideas but can't write them quite yet. See you later!!!

Created by: StarMaya
  1. The guys stare at the mirror. They feel drawn to it as they lay you down on the ground. They walk over to it and touch it's features. "It's exactly the one I saw in my dream." Whispers Justin. The guys look at Justin and all think the same thing. -Your dream? My dream!- Cody nods and looks at you. "She seems to be telling us something." The guys turn around to see you sleeping but you look really pale. Zack runs to you and puts his hand to your forehead. He then checks for a pulse and feels a faint thu-thump. He breathes a sigh of relief and walks back over. "She's still breathing but barely. We need to figure out where and how we get _____ back here." Says Zack. Jake looks at the mirror and says,"I think she's in the mirror you guys." The guys look at him and get a scared look on their face. "Well, how do we get her out of there?!" Yells Justin. "Do we break it?" Asks Zack. He walks over to the corner of a wall and brings back a baseball bat. He starts to swing at the mirror but Cody stops Zack before breaking the mirror. "That's probably not a good idea." Says Cody. Zack puts down the bat and walks over to you and sits by you. He moves the hair out of your face so he can see your sleeping face. "We'll save you no matter what _____." As soon as he said that, The mirror starts to glow a little, as well as you. Zack backs up and watches as you shine. He starts to pick you up and takes you over to the mirror when an images comes on the mirror. The images is of a white room and a girl in an elegant gown but she is sleeping face down. The guy's are hyponotised as they see a tall guy in black walk over to the sleeping girl. The guys bends down and picks up the girl to show her pale, pale face. The guys stare in horror as the girl's face matches your skin perfectly, telling that you are stuck in the mirror. The guy in black turns to face the mirror and shows his face. "Isn't sad that you can't do anything for ______ guys?" Says Troy. He smiles down at you and strokes your cheek. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" Yells Jake. Troy stops stroking your cheek and lays you back down. Troy walks over to the mirror and faces the guys. "Good luck trying to get her out but once she starts to fade, she's mine." Whispers Troy. Troy suddenly fades into darkness and now there's only you in the empty white room.
  2. Zack sits by you to make sure you stay with them, Jake and Justin keeps watch of the mirror to make sure nothing else happens, and Cody is pacing back and forth between you and the mirror, thinking of a way to get you out. "How about we try waking her up?" Suggests Justin. Cody stops pacing and looks at Justin. "That's probably not a half bad idea." Says Jake, patting Justin on the back. Cody walks over to the mirror and examines it and then walks over to you. He thinks for a moment before saying,"Jake, Justin, keep an eye on the mirror ____ and you Zack, try waking up this _____." The guys nod and Zack starts shaking you lightly. The J's turn toward the mirror and watch to see any change... Nothing changes. "Cody, _____ doesn't look good... Maybe try giving her medicine and see if she wakes up." Suggests Jake. Cody nods and leaves the room, only to return with a shot of some sort of liquid. He grabs your arm and looks for a vein. He sticks the needle into your arm and inserts the liquid. Cody takes the shot out and Jake gasps. "Guys! She's awake!" Yells Justin. Zack and Cody (HAHA) Run over to the mirror to see the girl in the dress sit up and grab her arm. "Ow! I hate shots." You say as you move your hair out of your face. The guys smile but then frown as they see something startling.
  3. You blink and the guys see that your eye color is starting to fade. (So... if you have brown eyes, they're light brown. Blue=Baby blue. Green=Lime green... Get it?) "What's up with her eyes?" Asks Zack when Cody remembers Troy saying something about when _____ starts to fade away, she will be his. "This must be the beginning." Whispers Cody. "Beginning? Beginning of what?" Asks Jake. "Beginning of her fading." Whispers Cody, once more. The guys faces turn really pale when they see you stand up, showing your dirty dress and skuffed feet. You hair is frizzied a little but your face is mostly dirty from mud and dust. You look around to see the white room as normal but you don't see the mirror. You run over to one side of room and bang at the wall. "LET ME OUT OF HERE!! I WANT TO GO HOME TO THE GUYS!!" You then remember what you saw and fall to the floor. You try to recap what you saw and then come to the conclusion that the guys are... dead. You start to cry when you hear someone walking up on you. You turn around to see Troy kneeling before you. He reaches out and wipes the tears from your face. "Why are you crying _____?" He asks. You stare at him for a bit before remembering that he was the one who brought you here. You push him on his chesta dn he actually goes flying a little bit, falling on his back. You walk over to him and take him by the shirt. "You did this! You brought me here! Now I want to go so let me out!!" You yell. Troy actually got scared for a little bit before he smirked at you and takes your hand off him. He backs up and smiles. "If I let you go, where are you going to go? The guys are gone and you are just a little child. Your family is Dead and the heavens are high up." You stop in your tracks and listen to his words. You feel a tear drop come down your cheek and wipe it away. "So my little duckling, I am protecting you from Sabrina and the cold emptiness of that house. Stay here with me and be happy." Says Troy as he disappears within the darkness, like before. You stare at his exit and fall to your knees. You cover your eyes and feel weak again, at heart.
  4. The guys stare as you fall back down to the ground and cry. "What did he mean by gone?" Asks Zack. The guys stay quiet as they try to process what happened when all of the sudden the mirror starts glowing. The guys back up from it and say what the! Your head jerks up and you look around. "Guys?" You whisper but loud enough for the guys to hear. The guys run back and call out your name. You look around and stand up. "Is that you? Where are you?" You ask as you wait for the next reponse, your heart pounds. "We are at home, watching you through a mirror! Where are you?" says Justin. You spin 180 degrees and answer his question by saying in a white room. You face the opposite wall from the guys and the guys laugh. "_____! We are behind you at the other wall." Laughs Jake. You turn around to show your red eyes (from crying) The guys stop laughing and keep giving you direction. Soon the guys are looking straight into your eyes, your faded eyes. The guys sigh and turn to get you out but it's no use. But all of a sudden your body starts glowing. Zack turns around and picks up your body and holds it in his arms. You start to see the guys on the wall as they look away from the mirror. You gasp and smile. "Guys? I can see you." The guys turn their attention to you and smile. The start quizzing you to make sure you weren't lying and you passed. You look at your white body that Zack is holding and straighten up in fear. The guys see this and look down. "_____, we need to get you out of there." Says Justin. "But how?!?" You yell. The guys think for a bit before you start to look a little faded. The guys freak out and start calling your name but you are frozen in your spot.
  5. But all of a sudden... The body of yours, opens it's eyes and look toward the mirror. The guys don't see this but then a glow comes from your body. (Actually you) The guys start in awe as you come back to light. You blink once and then stare into your body's eyes. You are almost hypontized by it's deep black eyes. The eyes have no color whatsoever but it still seems to be you. The guys turn around a back up as the body starts floating. The stands up straight and starts walking toward the mirror. The body is inches away from the glass when it starts to raise her hand toward the mirror. It touches it's hand to the mirror and smiles. It draws you to touch the mirror as well when all of a sudden, you freeze. The body stays still as a darkness comes over you and surrounds your body. All of a sudden, you feel 2 arms wrapped around your shoulders, stopping you from touching the mirror. "Now, now. Don't you go leaving me alone." Says Troy.
  6. The guys watch as your eyes go black and you go limb. Troy puts down your hand and lays you down. The guys stay stunned as you close your eyes. The body fo yours does the same and Zack catches you. "Now. Don't try to steal her away from me." Says Troy. Jake starts a heat wave in the room and turns into a fire ball really fast. "Tsk.Tsk Jake. Can't control your powers. You might want to learn or you'll hurt the ones you love most." Says Troy. Jake straightens up and cools off. Troy laughs and disappears. The guys stare at your closed eyes. A minute passed by when all of a sudden, the body of yours wakes up and moves toward the mirror once again. She touches the mirror and it glows a bright blue color. All of a sudden, you wake up and see blue in your eyes. You blink twice and then see the normal white room. You stand straight up and start walking toward the wall where the mirror is. You take one step and start to fade away. The guys gasp as you keep walking but you get fainter and fainter. You almost touch the wall when you fade into the air.
  7. The guys stare in horror as they don't see you on the other side of the mirror anymore. The body then falls to the ground. Zack catches you and lays you down slowly. Zack moves your hair out of your face and kisses your forehead. Cody walks out of the room with Jake following close behind him. Justin keeps staring at the mirror when he hears Zack carry you up the stairs. He leaves the room, closing the door to darkness. He passes the lab where he sees Cody at his desk with his head down. He can tell that he's crying because his shoulders would lower and raise fast. He keeps walking until he sees Jake in the backyard, going toward the forest with the burned trees. He stares for a while until he sees Jake's heat wave hit the burned trees. Justin sighs and walks up the stairs to your room where he sees Zack lay you down on the bed. He watches as the sunlight from the window shine on Zack's face, showing tear streaks on the side of his face. Zack moves his head to show your pale perfect face. Justin walks away from your closed eyes to his room. He closes his door for the day.
  8. ~The Next Day~ The guys are still not talking to each other or at all. They walk around like zombies... like in your vision in the white room. (Part 13) You gasp as you see this again (ps: Your angel is seeing this) You try to slap some sense into them but you can't touch them. You freak out as you know what's going to happen next. You think of a way to let them know your here but can't think of anything. You look around until you see a gow from upstairs. You walk up the stairs to the glow and find yourself in your room where you see your pale face. You go to yourself and sigh. You know it's too late. You start to walk away when you hear your name being called. "So is that it _____? Your going to give up? I didn't give you back your memory for nothing." Says Sarah, the Time Queen. "Ya. It's definetly not the end for you or the guys." Says Lexi, the Forest Warrior. "______. Let's put you back where you belong. I can help you." Says the person you haven't met yet. "Who are you?" You ask. "My name is Jasmine. I saw you once and you smiled up at me. I'm your angel. Your savior angel." Says Jasmine. You smile and the sun shines on you. Jasmine raises her arms in the air and sings a song that you don't recgonized. (If you want to know the song, it's on youtube and it's called Belldandy's song.) You feel a warm glow from inside your body and see Jasmine wave goodbye to you. Before you close your eyes, you hear Jasmine, Lexi, and Sarah say a blessing to you.
  9. You feel yourself awaken and open your eyes to see your room. You feel someone pull you up and hear Jasmine's voice say good luck. You smile and stand up. You look at your outfit and realise your still wearing the dress from the ball at the Forest kingdom. It's ripped a little and has dirt on it but you can't change now, you have to go see the guys. You take a few steps and feel your legs wobble. Your about to fall when you feel Jasmine help you up. She smiles at you and helps you out into the hallway. "You can't go down stairs in your condition." She says and you see a glow all around you. Next thing you know, you see the guys staring at you in the living room. Jasmine helps you stand and Jake takes a little step. "Are you... real?" He asks with hope in his voice. You nod and he runs to you and gives you a big hug. The guys run toward you and do the same and soon Jasmine is in the hug as well. "BY the way, who is this?" Says Cody as he points to where Jasmine was supposed to be. He looks around and doesn't see her anywhere. "Who was that?" Asks Cody, dumbfundled. "I'll explain it later." You say as you wipe away the tears from your eyes. The guys smile as big as they can before all laughing. They pick you up and swing you in the air.
  10. ~Meanwhile~ Troy looks at the mirror your supposed to be in forever with him. He grits his teeth and throws down the mirror, shattering it into many little pieces and big pieces. "you will be mine _____. Do you here me? YOU WILL BE MINE!!!!!" He yells at the stars.
  11. Thanks everyone!!!!!! Who do you love???
  12. Stay Tuned my darlings!!!!! I love you all!!!

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