True Heart and Magic -ANNOUNCEMENT!-

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I hate the must write a certain amount of characters thing. It's weird. I have nothing to say but It won't let me stop talking. Oh well. Time for random words. Oh wait... I got the minimum. HAHA! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Oh wait! Make sure you write down the questions I'm going to ask you and your answer so you can tell me in the comments. It will help me big time! And ask ME any questions you have and I'll answer them.

Created by: StarMaya

  1. Hey anyone who takes my quizzes. I have a big announcement!
  2. For now on! I will have a 'special' for EVERY holiday! Well the common holidays like Halloween for example! I will have the first one out on Halloween or one day after Halloween. I hope that gives everyone a reason to keep reading. Also! the specials will have Nothing to do with the storyline. Same Characters and Same Location but nothing to do with what's happening. It's just something that will be fun and hopefully funny. It will still have drama and everything but no powers. Well not as much powers.
  3. Well... I think that's it...
  4. ...
  5. Who's your favorite?
  6. Who's your favorite Bad guy?
  7. Which Parts were your favorite so far?
  8. Which holiday is your favorite?
  9. Which dangerous thing do you like?
  10. I'm running out of questions
  11. Ha! I did all the questions I need! Well thanks!

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