lynyrd skynyrd test

There are many lynyrd skynyrd fansbut few are true fans. A true fan is, someone who knows all about them , who knows there songs off by heart, is able too tell if something is true or false and see's them in a differn't way.

Are you are true lynyrd skynyrd fan, do you know all about them and know all of there songs off by heart. Well now you can find out if you are by taking this lynyrd skynyrd test that will only take a couple of minutes.

Created by: jon

  1. When did the skynyrd plane crash?
  2. What song do they play at the end of each concert?
  3. When did lynyrd skynyrd get back together after the plane crash?
  4. Which guitarist played a gibson firebird?
  5. What was there name before lynyrd skynyrd?
  6. What come's after this [free bird the .....}
  7. How did allen collins end up in a wheel chair?
  8. How did skynyrd meet?
  9. What did they do three years after the plane crash?
  10. Who replaced ronnie van zant after the plane crash?

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