coming soon in November 2012

Hey guys, I said I'd have a writers intermission but, writing is so addicting and fun. Anyway, this is just solely on what will be coming soon in November. Sorry mcqueen but I ended Delinquents.

I might continue the series later on but, your the only one who wants it to continue. Plus, I couldn't think of any other interesting ending. I have a good one for NEVERland but I'm not sure of mysterious.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. Hey guys. so, this is just something that's a little informant of what will be coming soon, or not. Depending on the voting.
  2. One is called "Unpopular" or "The mask".
  3. Another is called "the wallflower"
  4. The third is called "Before you say goodbye"
  6. "unpopular" or "the mask" is about a popular rich girl who has no real friends until she meets a group of boys that don't treat her the same as everyone else.
  7. "The wallflower" Is about an average girl who was only noticed by her boyfriend who died one night and was blamed for his death. She started having suicidal thoughts because she blamed herself and moved away not to heard from. Now she's come back a wallflower, a different look and she doesn't trust anyone.
  8. "Before you say goodbye" is about a girl and a boy who are best friends and boyfriend and girlfriend. But when tragedy strikes and the boy only has a certain amount of time left, the couple tries to cross off as many things off his bucket list as possible before he has to say goodbye.
  10. What do you think? Do you like the story ideas? Or not?

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