Delinquents pt 7

Yellow peeps. how you guys doing? So, I haven't updated this quiz in a while, so here it is. A present from me to the fans. Christmas is far away but, I have to plan something spectacular on that day.

Here's the character descriptions. Sparky or Hunter has Green eyes with gold specks, and goldish hair that sticks up. Clarke has Dark brown eyes with blond hair that parts in the middle. Leon has Velvet-brown eyes with coal black hair. Matthew is A strawberry blond with forest green eyes and freckles

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. He then left and returned in the morning except now wearing an orange jumpsuit. I couldn't help but stifle a laugh. "What are you laughing at? Is it because this color doesn't match my skin tone?". I'm not sure if he was serious or joking but, I couldn't stop laughing. "You got the wrong jumpsuit. The orange ones are for girls. But, it fits you perfectly.". "How did this happen? Do I look like anything like a girl to you?". "In a way you do, and in another way you don't. Don't feel bad, once I was mistaken for a guy. I beat them to a pulp once I found out.". As we continued to talk, I realized how much I'd missed him. Not as a boyfriend, but just a friend.
  2. He was my missing puzzle piece. I was finally away from my abusive parents, making friends and getting away from all my mistakes in the past. The last thing I needed was my rock. By rock, I mean Matthew. He always stayed calm and listened to my thoughts, no matter what. Even if I was freaking out, nervous, depressed or any other rare emotion I had, he was always there. He there so much it was annoying. Matt was like a piece of gum on your shoe. Matt was there every step of the way, even if I didn't want him to at first. Even when you tried to scrape the gum off your shoe, there would still be a fragment left.
  3. If you threw out your old shoes because they were too cruddy, there was still that piece of gum that remained on your shoe. I know it was a bad analogy but, he was like a piece of gum. Always there and never erased. Today we were to receive our new cell, and a new roommate. I gathered my belongings which only consisted of my clothes and hygiene products and headed out of the cell and to our new one.
  4. There was more privacy, space and 4 more beds than the other cells. When I say more privacy, I mean that the toilet is covered by a wall so when you announce your going to the bathroom, no eyeing you like a hawk. Perverts. I took a top bunk once again and threw my stuff on top of the bed. As I left, I passed Sparky and Clarke who seemed to once again, be arguing. "I already picked out my bed. Go ahead and kill each other for yours.". I said when bumping their shoulders as I passed by. I sat in between Matt and Leon. Leon was drinking some sort of red substance in a can.
  5. I shivered. That wasn't punch, that was blood. "Where do vampires get blood? And how often do you have to drink blood.". "Well, unlike Twilight, vampires in real life don't feed off of human or animal blood. We feed off of the blood of mythical creatures such as yourself. I don't know about other vampires but, I need blood every meal of the day, every day. The way we get blood is from the blood bank that they have here. Magical creatures will voluntarily give blood, so its not like we hurt anyone in the process.". He said with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.
  6. So much sarcasm that he made it sound like I'd actually spend every single minute watching Twilight. I mean really, I don't even give a carp about Twilight. Team Edward or Jacob? I'd stab them both with a wooden stake. That doesn't kill vampires but, it hurts to the degree of them wanting to disintegrate.
  7. I'm in prison, not a mental institution. I'm in jail, not in a courthouse getting a restraining order from a star, or even a shrinks office to try to solve my "problems". "Well, it's not like I know what I am.". I countered, with that same harsh tone and sarcasm. He gave me a glare and I soon did the same. Our little staring contest turned into a battle. Well, not a physical battle but a mental battle. Matt gave us weird looks and sat in between the two of us to stop our contest. Not really between is what I'd call it. He sat on Leons lap like some kind of girly girl or in his case, a girly guy.
  8. Leon soon shoved him off. But, Matt was smarter than that, he pulled on Leon's collar and dragged Leon down with him. This was the most peculiar thing ever. Matt was definitley buff but, he had a sensitive side. When he fought, it was like his sensitive side went away completely. Gone without a trace.
  9. There was only hatred in his eyes. For an Angel, he looked a lot like a demon in a way. The fight was getting violent now. Not that it hadn't already but, now there was blood. Lots of blood. I had a feeling Matt wasn't the same as before. He never had this violent. Now that I noticed it, Leon's eyes became a piercing red while Matt's became a pitch black. They soon transformed into their true forms.
  10. Leon sprouted black-red wings that were 10 feet wide each. Matt had black wings like his eyes, except they looked a bit like leather. How could this be? He was supposed to be an angle. How could he have black wings? The surrounding inmates tried to seperate them but, it didn't work out, they were just thrown off. Hunter and Clarke came running up in their human forms. "What happened!" Hunter yelled in ear once again. "I have no clue. they just bagan fighting. Can you see if you can do anythin about it?".
  11. "Sure! No problem!". "That's a yes. But, we'll never be able to calm them down like this.". They nodded and there were white sparkeles surrounding them. Hunter morphed into a wolf while Clarke just stood there. "Why aren't you changing?". "I havent? Wait a second.". He said before he made a face as if he had recieved an awful brain freeze. His ears grew longer and they ended in a sharp point.
  12. Not only did that not help but, his clothes transformed into a green elf suit that consisted of the colors green and brown. This did not help at all. This just made Sparky fall over and wag his tail like he was dying to laugh at him right now. I was getting even more P.O'd by the minute . I could feel the anger rising in my throat threatening to explode. "Enough!" I hollered, silencing them all. They all looked at me amazed and when I loooked down, trying to figure out what they were lookeing at, I instantly knew what they meant.

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