Before You Say Goodbye part 2

Happy Thanksgiving you guys! I'm writing these all before thanksgiving so they can all be published on the same day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this like you have my other stories.

Warning! This may be a little depressing. I had a person read it and they said it almost made them cry. So, If you don't like to read depressing stories, I suggest you do not read this series.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. Turns out that eating my heart out wasn't my thing. Especially hospital food. After I pigged out on as much food as I could handle, or as much as the cafeteria workers would let me, I felt something still stuck in my throat. It was long and thin. I felt an odd stringy taste on my tongue, tickling my taste buds. I reached into my mouth to grab the thing. And out a long strand of golden hair came. My throat felt like something was trying to make it's way up. I ran towards the ladies bathroom, pushing everyone out of the way with my hand covering my mouth.
  2. Once I neared a toilet, all the food I had eaten in the past week had made an appearance once again. My face went pale, seeing all of what came out of me. There was also blood. After I freshened up a lot and changed my clothes, I went back to Jack's room. He looked the same except without bed head this time. He never has bed head considering his short brown buzz-cut hair. The sun reflected off his face. He really did always have a baby face.
  3. Always got mistaken for a 12 year old just by judging his facial features. I told him it isn't that bad. He still doesn't believe me. I sat in the chair by his bedside but he patted a spot next to him on the bed. "Is that even allowed?". "They don't care. Come on.". I sat next to him, feeling his warm breath tickling my cheek. We leaned in closer to each other and pulled away twice as fast when we saw the nurse come in. She motioned me toward her and I followed leaving an uncomfortable air around us.
  4. "It appears there's been a mistake. We mixed up the cat scans and Jack isn't dying. I'm afraid there is a bit of a problem though.". "What problem?". "It seems that there was a mix-up between your cat scans and his. Your the one who has the tumor. Unfortunately, there is some other unfortunate news. You have been exposed to tuberculosis for too long and have caught it. With today's technology, this problem could be easily solved. But in your case, there is no solving it. I'm sorry. Jack will be discharged in a few hours and you will be admitted in his spot.".
  5. I couldn't stand and used the railing to help me slide down into a chair. At least now I wouldn't have to worry about Jack. "Can't you do something about the tuberculosis?". "Afraid not. I talked to the doctors about this and what the options were. They said that if they tried to get rid of the tuberculosis, it would just irritate the tumor and cause it to grow faster.". Not good news but, I'd rather loose myself than loose Jack. I nodded and entered his room once again. "Hey buddy, turns out your not sick. We're going to get you out of here. The bad news is that I am. I have this condition now where I can't leave the hospital. It's contagious and I don't want you to get sick.". "No! I'm not leaving without you. I'm going to stay with you until you're better.".
  6. This was one of the things I loved and hated about him. He would always be determined. "So you really want to stay with me until the end? Even when I die?". I looked up to see his reaction. Stone cold but then his expression softened a little. "What do you have? We can pay money. No matter what cost, I'll pay it. I just can't afford to loose you.". I just shook my head. "Jack, there's nothing you can do. I have tuberculosis and a brain tumor. Brain tumors are terminal. You should be happy, You have more to live for than I do.". He stayed awfully silent and it scared me to death. He always was furious when he stayed silent.
  7. He couldn't leave the room since he wasn't discharged yet. A nurse came in with two wheelchairs. "Why do I need a wheelchair?". Thank goodness he was talking again. "It's just normal protocol for patients who are being entered and discharged from the system.". He sat himself into the wheelchair slowly and rolled out to where they were waiting in the car. He looked back at me one last time and glared as he rolled out. I promised myself I'd never cry over a boy but, I did.
  8. At that moment, he single handed broke my heart into a million pieces and shattered that trust we had built up. He had done something he promised he would never do. He said he wouldn't leave me like the others did. They rested me into the hospital bed. Sterile and lonely. Just like a coffin. I usually say that it's no big deal, that when you die you have no feelings. I don't want to die. I want to live. But reality doesn't work like that. Reality has no mercy.
  9. Before I die, I want to complete my bucket list. In the very end, I will always know who to count on. Only myself. That way you don't have to risk the heartbreak. The betrayal of someone you hold dear. In the end, rely on no one. For they will only leave you behind and crush your heart. I now have no one. Actually, It's better this way. Now I don't have anything to lose. I won't have to worry about leaving anyone or anything behind when I die.
  10. The nurse knocked on the door and came in to check my blood pressure. It didn't hurt. Nothing does when you feel empty inside. She left and I started to watch my heart rate on the screen. Sometime in the future, my heart rate will stop. And there will be that beeping noise everyone knows, when someone dies. I'll be wheeled out with a white sheet over my entire body, as a sign I'm dead But I bet no one will attend my funeral. Not my boyfriend or any of my friends, I don' have anyone. I'll die a lost soul. There will be roses at the funeral, black ones to represent sorrow and doubt. No one will be there besides my corpse. It doesn't matter anyway, when your dead you have no feelings. I've just driven everyone away. I just want to be alone. Forever alone.

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