Hogwarts Love Story Part 27

I'm so so sorry! *chipmunk noises* - now thats sarcasm!! never can say goodbye,even though the pain and heartache seems to follow me wherever I go,though I try and try to hide my feelings,they always seem to show-

I'm so so sorry! *chipmunk noises* - now thats sarcasm!! never can say goodbye,even though the pain and heartache seems to follow me wherever I go,though I try and try to hide my feelings,they always seem to show-

Created by: 5thMarauder

  1. When you and the others left to go back to school, you found out that Crouch's son had died in Azkaban. You sent some more food to Sirius as well. The next morning, about five owls flew and landed in front of Hermione at breakfast. She opened one which read YOU ARE A WICKED GIRL. HARRY POTTER DESERVES BETTER. GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM MUGGLE. "They're all like it!" said Hermione desperately, opening one letter after another. "'Harry Potter can do much better than the likes of you....' 'You deserve to be boiled in frog spawn....' Ouch!" She had opened the last envelope, and yellowish-green liquid smelling strongly of petrol gushed over her hands, which began to erupt in large yellow boils. "Undiluted bubotuber pus!" said Ron, picking up the envelope gingerly and sniffing it. "Ow!" said Hermione, tears starting in her eyes as she tried to rub the pus off her hands with a napkin, but her fingers were now so thickly covered in painful sores that it looked as though she were wearing a pair of thick, knobbly gloves. "You'd better get up to the hospital wing," said Harry as the owls around Hermione took flight. "We'll tell Professor Sprout where you've gone...." Finally,in the last week of May, McGonagall, held you and Harry back after Transfiguration. "You are to go down to the Quidditch field tonight at nine o'clock" she told you. "Mr. Bagman will be there to tell the champions about the third task." So at half past eight that night, you and Harry left Ron and Hermione in Gryffindor Tower and went downstairs. As you both crossed the entrance hall, Cedric came up from the Hufflepuff common room. "What d'you reckon it's going to be?" he asked as you went together down the stone steps, out into the cloudy night. "Fleur keeps going on about underground tunnels; she reckons we've got to find treasure." "That wouldn't be too bad," said Harry. You walked down the dark lawn to the Quidditch stadium, turned through a gap in the stands, and walked out onto the field. "What've they done to it?" Cedric said indignantly, stopping dead.
  2. The Quidditch field was no longer smooth and flat. It looked as though somebody had been building long, low walls all over it that twisted and crisscrossed in every direction. "They're hedges!" you exclaimed, bending to examine the nearest one. "Hello there!" called a cheery voice. Ludo Bagman was standing in the middle of the field with Krum and Fleur. You, Harry and Cedric made your way toward them, climbing over the hedges. Fleur beamed at Harry as he came nearer. Her attitude toward him had changed completely since he had saved her sister from the lake. "Well, what d'you think?" said Bagman happily as you climbed over the last hedge. "Growing nicely, aren't they? Give them a month and Hagrid'll have them twenty feet high. Don't worry," he added, grinning, spotting the less-than-happy expressions on Harry's and Cedric's faces, "you'll have your Quidditch field back to normal once the task is over! Now, I imagine you can guess what we're making here?" No one spoke for a moment. Then - "Maze," grunted Krum. "That's right!" said Bagman. "A maze. The third task's really very straightforward. The Triwizard Cup will be placed in the center of the maze. The first champion to touch it will receive full marks."
  3. "We seemply 'ave to get through the maze?" said Fleur. "There will be obstacles," said Bagman happily, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Hagrid is providing a number of creatures...then there will be spells that must be broken...all that sort of thing, you know. Now, the champions who are leading on points will get a head start into the maze." Bagman grinned at Harry and Cedric. "Then Mr. Krum will enter...then Miss Delacour. But you'll all be in with a fighting chance, depending how well you get past the obstacles. Should be fun, eh?" You highly doubted that it would be fun, if Hagrid was choosing the creatures in the maze.
  4. Next morning, you Harry, Hermione and Ron were in the owlery, discussing Mr.Crouch. You all stayed up all night, Harry explaining that he had been walking with Viktor at the edge of the forest when they came across Mr.Crouch. He had been talking to a tree and his clothes were ripped, he wasn't in his right mind. "Shh!" said Hermione suddenly. Somebody was climbing the steps up to the Owlery. You could hear two voices arguing, coming closer and closer. "- that's blackmail, that is, we could get into a lot of trouble for that-" "- we've tried being polite; it's time to play dirty, like him. He wouldn't like the Ministry of Magic knowing what he did -" "I'm telling you, if you put that in writing, it's blackmail!" "Yeah, and you won't be complaining if we get a nice fat payoff, will you?" The Owlery door banged open. Fred and George came over the threshold, then froze at the sight of you,Harry, Ron, and Hermione. "What're you doing here?" Ron and Fred said at the same time. "Sending a letter," said Harry and George in unison. "What, at this time?" said you and Fred. Fred grinned. "Fine - we won't ask you what you're doing, if you don't ask us," he said.
  5. He was holding a sealed envelope in his hands. you glanced at it, but Fred, whether accidentally or on purpose, shifted his hand so that the name on it was covered. "Well, don't let us hold you up," Fred said, making a mock bow and pointing at the door. Ron didn't move. "Who're you blackmailing?" he said. The grin vanished from Fred's face. You saw George half glance at Fred, before smiling at Ron. "Don't be stupid, I was only joking," he said easily. "Didn't sound like that," said Ron. Fred and George looked at each other. Then Fred said abruptly, "I've told you before, Ron, keep your nose out if you like it the shape it is. Can't see why you would, but -" "It's my business if you're blackmailing someone," said Ron. "George's right, you could end up in serious trouble for that." "Told you, I was joking," said George. He walked over to Fred, pulled the letter out of his hands, and began attaching it to the leg of the nearest barn owl. "You're starting to sound a bit like our dear older brother, you are, Ron. Carry on like this and you'll be made a prefect." "No, I won't!" said Ron hotly.
  6. After lunch, you and Hermione shot off to Arithmancy, while the boys went to Divination. The room was extremely. As Professor Vector,spoke, you felt yourself falling asleep..You were riding on the back of an eagle owl,soaring through the clear blue sky toward an old, ivy covered house set high on a hilltop. Lower and lower you flew, the wind blowing pleasantly in your face, until you reached a darken and broken window in the upper story of the house and entered. You were now flying along a gloomy passage way, to a room at the very end...through the door you went, into a dark room whose windows were boarded up.... you left the owl's back you were watching now, as the owl fluttered across the room, into a chair with its back to you. There were two dark shapes on the floor beside the chair...both of them were stirring....
  7. One was a huge snake...the other was a man...a short, balding man, a man with watery eyes and a pointed nose...he was wheezing and sobbing on the hearth rug.... "You are in luck, Wormtail," said a cold, high-pitched voice from the depths of the chair in which the owl had landed. "You are very fortunate indeed. Your blunder has not ruined everything. He is dead." "My Lord!" gasped the man on the floor. "My Lord, I am...I am so pleased...and so sorry...." "Nagini," said the cold voice, "you are out of luck. I will not be feeding Wormtail to you, after all...but never mind, never mind...there is still the children....Potter and Lupin....." . The snake hissed. "Now, Wormtail," said the cold voice, "perhaps one more little reminder why I will not tolerate another blunder from you...." "My Lord...no...I beg you..." The tip of a wand emerged from around the back of the chair. It was pointing at Wormtail. "Crucio!" said the cold voice.
  8. Wormtail screamed, screamed as if every nerve in his body was on fire, it filled your ears as the scar on your neck seared with pain; you were screaming too...Voldemort would hear you, he would know you were there, watching.. "______! _________!" came a voice. You opened your eyes, you were lying on the floor of the Arithmancy classroom, clutching your neck. You stood up. Everyone was staring at you in astonishment. You grab be your bag and quickly left. You walked quickly to Dumbledore's office, bumping into Harry. "What happened?",he asked. You explained about your scar. "Thats exactly what happened to me",he said. You looked at the gargoyle guarding Dumbledore's office. "Sherbert lemon?",you tried. It didn't move.
  9. The gargoyle remained immovable. Harry kicked it. "Chocolate Frog!" he yelled angrily, standing on one leg. "Sugar Quill! Cockroach Cluster!" The gargoyle sprang to life and jumped aside. Harry blinked. "Cockroach Cluster?" he said, amazed. "I was only joking...." . You walked in. Dumbledore's office was a beautiful circular room, lined with pictures of previous headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts, all of whom were fast asleep, their chests rising and falling gently. Cornelius Fudge was standing beside Dumbledore's desk, wearing his usual pinstriped cloak and holding his lime-green bowler hat. "We want to talk to you please Professor",you said politely. "Wait here for me, Harry, ______",said Dumbledore. "Our examination of the grounds will not take long".
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