Before You Say Goodbye part 1

Merry Thanksgiving! I just combined christmas and thanksgiving. I think it was pretty clever. Anyway, this is the first of the series, I really worked my butt off. Hope you enjoy.

So, I really enjoy typing and writing stories. I've actually come up with a few more already. So, if this series is a success, I will write another of the 'coming soon'. They will be out sometime in 2013.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. I stared out the hospital window waiting, for news of my friend. The constant lightening, thunder and downpour of rain would wake me from my trance. The stench of stale hospital air and bland looking walls did not help my mood at all. I was awoken again from my daze not by the sounds but by a person. I turned to see the doctor with guilt plastered over her face and hair straying from her ponytail. This wasn't good news to me and I knew it when I looked her in the eye.
  2. She told me to follow her to a private room behind the medicine counter. The room was extremely small, too much of a confined space than I would prefer. His parents rushed in a few minutes after just being informed of their sons illness. "We removed some tissue from Joseph's brain in order to try to comprehend what was happening and why he has short-term memory loss. During our research, we found many answers.". She pushed up her wire glasses and pushed forward a manila envelope containing information on the surgery and the results.
  3. I was the first to snatch the envelope, anxious to find the answer. I reached for a tissue and then a squirt of hand sanitizer. I dabbed my eyelids trying to prevent myself from crying, to pretend that everything was okay. Nothing was. His illness was terminal. That meaning, he was going to die. I told him specifically I couldn't handle another heartbreak. It's happened so many times. One was a player, one cheated, and many others broke up with me in the end saying they needed 'space'. He knew that and said he'd stay with me for forever, until we passed.
  4. But forever is shorter than I expected. He had a brain tumor. It was a level two but, it was growing inside his head. Killing him from the inside out. Even if it was only a level two, the cancer was still terminal. I gave the sheet to his parents. "He's dying.". I said while choking on my sobs and wallowing in my sorrow.His dad gave his mum a tight squeeze and handed her a handkerchief out of the pocket of his suit. "Now, there's a few options in your current situation. There's chemotherapy which could make his life last longer.-". She was cut off by his parents. "We'll do whatever it takes to make his life last longer!".
  5. "If I may finish this time, I'd like to say the other two options if you don't mind. The other is radiation. There a possible side effects to these treatments. Such as hair loss and the yellowing or wrinkling of skin. The last option is to take him someplace nice and just let him enjoy the rest of his life.".
  6. The doctor left us to make our decision. "We've already made our decision. That's for the chemotherapy and radiation to extend his life.". "You can't pick that for him. We once talked about that and we promised each other that if something like this were to happen, then we would want to rest in peace. Not in pain.". "He would want to live as long as possible. You're just his girlfriend. How can you make decisions for him when we're his parents. We both know he'd trust us to make this decision and not just some floozy who waltzed into our family!".
  7. His mother spoke out, she didn't like me. She thought I broke her perfect family. "What do you mean by that, 'his parents'?You couldn't have children and so you took him from your neighbors who were dying from the same terminal disease. They didn't even give you permission to take him. I actually more right than you do.". "But we're his legal guardians. No matter what we've done, we'd have more of a right than a slut like you.". His mom really was persistent. She always got like this when he was a safe distance away. His dad doesn't seem to mind me though.
  8. "Are you calling me a slut? Look who's talking. How many times have you cheated on your husband? Let me count. One, two, three...". She cut me off by slapping me right across the face. The red imprint was left on my face with a numbness and stinging. I left to go tell the doctor my decision and all the dirt I had on them so my answer would be the final one. I entered the room that Jack was in. His head was bandaged but otherwise he looked fine. "How are you doing? I heard that it went well, the surgery.". I started to rub his back which is what he liked when he was feeling stress.
  9. "It was fine. I have no clue what I have. Do you?". "I don't know much but, what I do know is that you'll be released soon and we're going to go and cross all the things off your bucket list.". "Why do you say that? Am I dying?". Those words broke my heart. "No, that's not it. Being put in this situation, with you being in the hospital made me realize something. You only live once and we should cross those things off while we're young and still can.". He nodded his head with slight doubt. I couldn't let him know. I was about to cry. I needed to get out. "Hey, do you want anything from the cafeteria?".
  10. He just shook his head and I headed to the cafeteria plopping whatever gruel I could get to first. I ate it and cried from not only the taste but my thoughts. My heart couldn't take the pain, it simply couldn't. Why him? Why me? He was too good of a person for this to happen. But, you can never change what fate has in mind. He would soon not be a part of this world anymore leaving me cold and alone. This is why I'm writing this. It's to remind me of the things I did before you say goodbye.

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