A Pirate Love Story-Part 3

Hey! so this is part 3! go read parts 1 and 2 before this tho if you haven't! need more words now... kghkjhgug,xbodhdgbdkjhdjhbdlhsjhd.kh.I LOVE KENDALL SCHMIDT FROM BTR! :D


Created by: Kendall'sFutureWife

  1. "Ok, so what you have to do is tell people what to do, but not in a bossy way." Benjamin said. "Good luck!" and he ran off to somewhere. You look around and breathe in the salty air. This ship is yours to command now. No one looked like they needed help, so you walked around and checked things out.
  2. After a while, you see a familiar golden blonde shine, and you realize that it's David. You gasp and run over to him. "David! I told you to rest!" "I know." he said quietly. "But the ship needs my help." You barely touch where his wound was and he flinches and whispers "Ow!". You shake your head and put your arm around his back. "Come on, come with me." you lead him back down to the bottom deck. "Look I understand if you want to get in a different position but you need to stay put. Lay in that hammock that I was in." you say and he did. You push his bangs out of his face and kiss his cheek. "You're a great captain, but you can relieve duty for one day, okay? I've got it covered." He sighs, looks at you, and smiles. "You call that a kiss?" then his kisses you on the lips for a long time. "Now get out there, captain." he whispers, close to your face. You smile, but then say "Wait. Can I put Derik in charge for a little? Just so I can talk to you for a bit." "Derik? But he repairs things. He can't be cap-" "Just give him a chance." You say and run to Derik's study. He was so focused on something. You knock on the door and he jumps. "U-Um, yes Lady Elizibeth?" he says. You smile. "You don't have to call me Lady Elizibeth. Just Elizibeth, Derik. Can you take charge for about an hour?" "I suppose... Anything for you or David." You smile. "Good."
  3. You run back to the bottom deck and pull up a chair beside David. "Back to the America thing..." you say. "I... I want to do it." His face brightens for the first time in days. "Really?" You smile. "Yeah. It sounds fun." He chuckles. "I can't believe..." "You can't believe what?" "My old crush wants to move to America with me." "Old crush?" "Yeah. I actually had a crush on you too back then..." "Do you still?" "How does this answer that?" he asks and starts making out with you.
  4. You wake up and find yourself laying in the hammock with David. "David..." you whisper and nudge him. His eyes slowly open. He smiles when he sees you. "Hey. What time is it?" "Um..." you say. "I don't know." He slightly laughs. "I love your English accent." "And I love your American accent." you smiled and kiss him. "I should go check on the crew." he got up and started to go to the top deck. "Hey, David?" you say and get out of the hammock. "Yes?" "You might want to put a shirt on before you go up there. And be careful with your wound." He smiles, nodds, and put his shirt on, but doesn't tuck it in. Then he runs to the top deck. You smile and shake your head, and then follow him. You see that there is already a crowd around him. The crew was happy to see him. David allows it for a few minutes, but then says "Okay everybody, back to your posts!" and they follow his directions. You come up behind him and tap his shoulder. "What's my post, Captain?" you ask, smiling. He smiles back. "Right now, it's tucking my shirt in." and you did as he said, still smiling.
  5. So yeah sorry if you like one of the other two boys...
  6. You tucked David's shirt in like he always did, and wrapped your arms around him. "Thanks, Girl." he said smiling, and you smiled too. "You're welcome, Boy." you say and smile more. "So, when were you planning on going to America?" you ask. David laughs. "Look ahead." you do and see land. "That's America. New land, just waiting to be discovered..." he says dreamily, looking at it.
  7. "I'm afraid to David!" you yell from the ship, looking at the sand. "It's just stepping on new land!" he said. "Exactly!" you say and he shakes his head. "Do you want me to come up there and get you, because I will if I have to!" "No! I'm good up here, thanks!" You say, grabbing onto a wooden pole connected to the ship. David runs onto the ship and grabs you. He lifts you up and puts you over his shoulder. "Excuse me but I'm not Santa's toy bag!" you tell him and he just laughs. He puts you down and your boots slightly hit the sand before you jump up in his arms. "Okay, I'll be Santa's toy bag now!" you say. David laughs. "It's not lava! Believe me! I've almost stood on lava before!" Your eyes widen and you look at him. He just shrugs his shoulders. "I was saving someone from falling into a volcano in Japan." Your eyes widen more and you jump down from his arms. The water splashes against you boots like it used to in England, only this water is a bit warmer. You gulp. "Lava? YOU COULD HAVE KILLED YOURSELF!" "Yeah? So?" David asks. You roll your eyes. "Now where are we traveling?" "West. There is rumored gold in the west." "You just came to America for the gold?" you ask. "That was one reason... The other was to be alone with you." he smiles and kisses you.
  8. okay so I'm done with this part but I need more questions so...
  9. whats ur fav color? :D
  10. Do you think David is crazy?
  11. Okay thats it! come back to see what you do in America!

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