Paranormal Love (part 34)

Hey guys, welcome to part 34 of my Paranormal Love series. I hope you guys like this part. I am running out of romantic ideas, I wanna write some action! Okay, well that's gonna be in the next part.

I'm crying on the inside because my spring break is almost over. I just wish it would be freakin' summer already! I hate school with a firey passion! Anywho, here's a recap: You and Bryan played truth or dare with Anthony and Allissa by the pool. Allissa dared you to kiss Bryan, so you did.

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. After about an hour of 'truth or dare', you, Anthony, Allissa, and Bryan decide to go inside. Anthony and Allissa stay in the living room while you and Bryan go upstairs. You're both in the hallway leading to your room. "That was pretty fun," you say smiling. "Totally! Wanna know what dare I liked best?" Bryan asks. You nod. "Allissa's dare." he says. "I didn't think you'd actually kiss me in front of them, but I'm glad you proved me wrong." Bryan smiles and you smile back. "You tasted like grass." you tease. "Well that was your fault!" Bryan says laughing. "I suppose it was." you say. "Well, I'm going to bed." you announce. Bryan grabs your hand. "Not so fast! Forgetting something?" he asks. "Oh, right." you say. You hug him tightly. Bryan hugs you back. "Better." he says, almost whispering. He kisses the top of your head. When you let go Bryan kisses you one last time on the lips, not too long though. "Do I still taste like grass?" he asks. You laugh. "Not anymore." "Cool. Goodnight, _____." "Goodnight, Bryan." you say and go to bed.
  2. You fall asleep quickly. The next thing you know, you get the crap scared out of you because someone does a bellyflop right next to you; probably not the best way to be waken up. Your eyes fly open and you gasp as an automatic reflex. The first thing you see is Chris' smiling face. "Relax, ____! It's just me." Chris says. You smile and roll your eyes at your own foolishness. Chris is one of the few people who can wake you up like that and get away with it. "Sorry," you say, "You just scared me for a sec there." Chris smiles. "Don't be scared, I don't bite." he says, "Well...unless you want me to." he winks.
  3. "Um, I'll pass." you say smirking. You look around the room and notice that the room is pretty dim. "What time is it?" you ask. "Around 6 in the morning." Chris replies. "Guess what we're gonna do?" he asks cheerfully, like a parent trying to get their kid excited about doing something that isn't fun such as eating vegtables or going to the dentist. You pause for a moment. "We're going to go back to sleep?" you guess hopefully. "Nope! We're going to do some training!" Chris says in the same cheerful tone. "You know that voice doesn't work on me." you say. "Damn. Well, I thought I'd try." Chris says smiling slightly. "Well look on the bright side. If we get this out of the way early, then we'll have the rest of the day to do whatever we want!" You sigh. "Well, okay. Just let me get dressed." you say. "Will do." Chris says and steals a kiss before leaving your room. Half an hour later, you meet Chris in the backyard.
  4. You work on your powers and self defense moves with Chris for a while. You two hardly even talk, you get so wrapped up in it. Occasionally you and Chris have moments of sharing eye contact, and even though it's only for a brief second, there's something special about it. He always seems to have that sparkle in his eyes wheather they are that bright, bold shade of green when he's in human form or that super pale icy blue when he's in vampire form.
  5. Chris suggests that you and him practice telepathy (mostly so he can learn it better, you are already pretty good at it.) You and Chris sit across from each other on the grass. "Okay, _____." Chris says. "Say something to me in your mind and I'm going to try to hear it." "Okay," you say. You don't realize this at first, but you both close your eyes. You concentrate hard. "Hey Chris, can you hear me?" you think. "Yeah, I can actually!" you hear Chris' voice inside your head. He sounds excited. "Good job," you think. "Now let's try something different. What color am I thinking of?" "Color?! C'mon, I just learned how to talk!" Chris' voice says. "Just try," you think.
  6. At first you start thinking of the color red and completely focus on that. You finally realize that your eyes are closed. You don't usually do that, so you open your eyes. You find that Chris also has his eyes closed, probably trying to concentrate. "Red?" Chris guesses. "You're right." you say. "Ok, I'm changing it, now what color am I thinking of?" You start thinking of blue. You study Chris' face as he tries to read your mind. You notice his appearence is slightly different.
  7. Chris' jet black hair looks cute from the breeze messing it up slightly, it falls perfectly into his face. You notice that the purple on the tips of his hair is gone. He took his lip rings out as well. You forget about thinking of blue and start thinking of purple. "Hey! Don't change your color!" Chris says. "Wha?" you say. Then you realize that you did change your color. "Oops, sorry." you say. "You were thinking of blue at first, then of purple, right?" Chris asks. "Yup. I thought of purple because I noticed the ends of your hair don't have it anymore." you explain. Chris opens his eyes. "Yeah, the dye finally faded out. I also didn't feel like wearing my lip rings today, so I just went natural." Chris says. "You look nice." you say. Chris smiles.
  8. "Hey, ____?" Chris asks. "Yeah?" you say. "Wanna do something else? Telepathy is cool and all, but I think we've done enough training for today." Chris says. "Alright." you say. You aren't exactly sure what Chris had in mind, but you were about to find out. You and Chris end up hanging out in his room and talking about random stuff. The whole time, you are stealing glances at the firey red electric guitar in the corner of the room. Chris notices. "You seem to be fasinated with the corner of my room, _____." Chris says. "Nah, it's just that your guitar is really cool." you say. "You think so?" Chris asks. "I haven't picked up that guitar in over a year." "Where did you get it?" you ask. "Bryan got it for me on my 16th birthday." Chris replies. And with that, you and Chris end up getting into a conversation about music. Turns out you guys like pretty much the same stuff.
  9. You and Chris hang out until the sun goes down. "Wow, it's getting late." you say looking out the window. "I know," Chris says. He looks at you. "How does a movie night sound to you? It could just be you and me. I'll even let you pick the movie." You raise an eyebrow and smile. "Are you asking me out on a date?" you ask jokingly. "You could call it that." Chris says, he seems serious even thought he's grinning. "Yeah, that sounds like fun." you say. "Let's go!" Chris replies. You both walk down to the living room. "What do you want to watch?" Chris asks. "Hmmm... I'm feeling adventurous today. I think I'll try something I've never watched before." you say, searching through the shelf of DVD's. A DVD catches your eye. "Hm, what's this?" you say pulling it off the shelf. The cover was mostly black with grey swirls and there was a pair of dead eyes below the title which was 'Beautiful Nightmare' (A title that I came up with just now, hopefully there's not a real movie with that title! If there is, then I'm sorry!) "Beautiful Nightmare, huh?" Chris says. "Is it good?" you ask. "Yeah. It's really well written and the special effects look extremely realistic." Chris says. "But I must warn you... that movie has some super gory scenes and is probably one of the scariest movies ever." You think for a moment and smile. "Let's watch it!" you say. "With or without lights?" Chris asks. "Without." you say. "COMPLETELY without." "Ooh, daring aren't we?" Chris says. Chris turns off all the lights and plays the movie.
  10. You put your legs over Chris' lap and rest your head on his shoulder. Chris smiles and puts his arm around you. You focus on the screen. Chris was right, it was a good movie; well written and cool special effects. The gore didn't really bother you until near the end of the movie. The most graphic and scary scene got your weak spot (whatever that may be.) You cringe. "Oh, God. I can't watch this part. Tell me when it's over." you say burrying your face in Chris' neck. He holds you tighter and gives your shoulder a reassuring squeeze. About 30 seconds later Chris says, "Okay, you can look now." Before you can turn to the screen, Chris catches your lips in a kiss. Whatever scared feelings you were having were now gone. When you pull away, your eyes lock with Chris' breifly. You both smile. And Chris still had that sparkle in his eyes.
  11. ***TIME FORWARD*** A few days later. It's currently night, and you are lying in bed trying to go to sleep. The past few days have been pretty busy, you haven't had much down time until now. You were thinking about all that fun stuff you did with the guys. The memories make you smile. Each guy was special in his own way and they all had a special place in your heart. Chris, Bryan, Ethan, Nick, and... oh, Jace! You haven't seen Jace in a long time, or heard from him. You felt like you were breaking your promise to Jace by not having contact with him. You know the guys don't like that, but they'd have to get over it. Jace had a special place in your heart too after all. You knew what you had to do.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud of myself for getting over my writer's block and writing this story, I think I'll have less trouble writing Jace's part. Wish me luck! Who do you like?

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