How high is you fairytale life?

Well,I have created this thing to help people realize how wide their fairytale imagination was.That there is more to life than reality. . People don't think that they could be anybody.But it is possible to be somebody. .

Oh well. . .The only thing I have to ask is:Do you have wide fairytale imaginations?To find out , try out this quiz to see if you do. . . Thank you and Good luck. .

Created by: Jojo

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you do as chores at home?
  2. If you'll be on a fairytale,what kind of princess or which of he fairytale princesses would you be?
  3. What kind of best friend would you consider?
  4. What kind of parents do you have?
  5. When you have a fairy-god-mother just like Cinderella,what would be the first thing you will ask or say?
  6. If you are a cartoon fairytale, try to imagine where would you be right now.
  7. Are you planning to have a boyfriend or you already have one?
  8. On your wedding day , what will it look like?
  9. Any siblings?
  10. Hobbies.

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