The Journey: Part One

Journey: A voyage, a trip, an expedition. There are many words for journey, and many journeys made throughout history. But this journey is different, not just a journey, but The Journey.

Will you survive The Journey? The dangerous dream? Do you have what it takes to live, when it seems as if all hope is lost? Well, why don't you find out? Let The Journey begin!

Created by: DragonKitty

  1. You awake to find yourself in a tranquil environment, filled with flowers and trees. In one of the trees above you, there appears to be a nest of some sort. In front of you, there is a gigantic flower the size of your head. Your thoughts?
  2. You stand up, curious as to where you might be. In order to better explore your surroundings, you begin to ascend the tree. Just as you reach the nest, however, you see an egg. It is glowing and pulsing with some strange sort of light and you're frightened. The wind seems to pick up, but maybe that's just your imagination. You?
  3. You lift the egg cautiously over your head. It seems the appropriate thing to do. You don't know why, but for some reason you aren't scared. Sure, a little apprehensive, but not scared. Then...crack. Crack. Crack. You stare in shock as the egg crumbles at your fingertips. Slime covers your shirt and drenches your face. Obviously, you are disgusted. All of a sudden, before you have a chance to react, or even make out the distinguishing features of the animal that once was in the egg, it lunges out and strikes you with it's long, menacing jaws. Blood pools out in to the nest, and the creature flutters away. You?
  4. In your mind, you are fighting a battle. You are losing drastically, and it seems like the odds are infinity to one. Suddenly, a foot soldier reaches out and pierces your heart. You fall to the ground, screaming in pain as the world spins and goes black. You still feel the pain, even if your eyes don't work. You just want to die, right then and there, anything to escape the horrid pain of it all.
  5. Your vision is blurred, but it is evident that you are not on a battle field. You stretch your fingers, and feel the pleasant softness of silk. You sigh. The sound of worried voices in a heated discussion reaches your ears. You can now see properly. You are in a room, as large as a house. The walls are an intricate weaving of marble and gold. All of the furniture is either made of ivory, or a deep mahogany. It seems very exotic and palace-like. You are lying on a pile of blankets and pillows, each one of them hand weaved to depict old myths and legends. You?
  6. A door creaks open and a boy walks in. He looks about your age and is flat out gorgeous. Upon seeing you, he turns awkwardly towards where he came and shouts: "Sh-she's a-awake!". All of a sudden, three more boys pile in. The first boy, the one that stutters, darts out. The other boys glance nervously around at him as he leaves, then stride up to your bed. One of them, the one that is the most handsome of all, takes your hand and grins. "Welcome, Laura, to this world." "Hello." You mumble in return and cover your red face with your hair. The boy speaks again. "I'm Will. The guy to my right is Jonathon and the person to my left is James. We've been expecting you."
  7. Will gestures to the two other boys in the room. They both leave. Now, you and Will are alone. He offers his arm. You take it gratefully, glad to get out of the bed, no matter how extravagant it may be. "So, Laura," Will begins. "Yes?" You answer. "Do you want to go to the garden or the training field?" "Training field?" You ask, surprised. "Yes." Answers Will. "Where we learn to fight." "Oh," You say. "Why don't we go to-"
  8. "Why don't we go to both?" Will suggests. He sweeps you up in to his arms and carries you away. You close your eyes, trying to experience the moment to the fullest. Will smells like sweet roses and daffodils. You sigh. But wait, there is another scent, this one sinister and dark!
  9. "We have arrived at the garden." Will announces, his clear, angelic voice like music in your ear. You open your eyes. If the forest you were in before was exotic, then this would be some alien planet, everything glowing and at a height twice its' normal size. "Oh!" You gasp. "It's beautiful! I love it!" Will smiles and kisses you lightly on the cheek. He plucks a flower from a large magenta plant adjacent to you and places it in your palm. "For you." He says. You smile and thank him, and you know your cheeks are going red. You gaze down at the plant. It writhes and twists in your grasp, as if it is struggling to get free. You glance at Will, uncertain of what to do. "Let it." He tells you. You unclench your hand. The flower springs up and slashes you across the chest, marring your shirt, which you just realized is different than the one you arrived in. Will laughs as you scream and tumble to the ground, blood streaming out of you like a river.
  10. Suddenly, you are in a completely dark room. It is empty, save for a figure in the back of the room. As he steps closer you realize it's the boy that was not introduced, the one who stuttered. "Greetings Laura." He pronounces the words clearly, and with out stuttering. "I suppose you're wondering why you're here." He pauses, waiting for you to answer. Yet for some reason you can't seem to speak. Instead, you nod. "Well, you are special in a way. I can't tell you exactly what you are, only that Will is trying to get his hands on you. You are valuable, in some way to this world. I would tell you more, but my memory has been stolen. Each second I spend with you, my memory and powers drain further. If you would like to return to your home, I can do that. If you would like to save us, and unleash the power that you possess, then please stay. But I'm warning you, your memory of your old life will wain as you remain here. Either way, you will die. I'm keeping you in a suspended form right now. You are neither alive, nor dead." Tears spurt out of your eyes as you consider what he is saying. "What's your name?" You ask, because you seem to be incapable of saying anything else. The boy gives you a desolate look. "I don't remember." He admits, tears appearing on his cheeks. "Which one is it?"

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