What medieval race would you be reborn as?

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Darkness... it’s all you’ve know up until this moment. For you are a lost spirit, wandering the world in search of meaning or an idea of who you are. Now is your chance! After hearing about the Jade Temple, you go out on a journey to find it! The temple promises that you will find the answers you seek, as well as a new mortal form. Do you have what it takes to take on this journey? Or will you hide away, turning back, and forgetting this quest ever existed?

A/N: ~ Oi! My first quiz! (On this site anyways... hehe! ^^) I want to credit the dnd website, dnd beyond! I love the game, and I used the information, from that site to make the quiz, as well as the pictures from the site. Please enjoy the beautiful journey I created.

Created by: Lock
  1. I hope you read my bits of flavor text at the introduction paragraph, it’ll help this quiz form and take shape! This works like a story, just to let you know, and making this a question would’ve been the only way to get your attention. (This will not affect your score, no matter the answer, until the next question.)
  2. This legend... oh THIS legend, is no longer a legend, but instead the story of how you take on a new life and live it to how you see fit. What do you want most out of life?
  3. The Jade Temple... what motivates you in wanting to be reborn with a new life? Or what motivates you to travel to the legendary temple?
  4. Your motivation springs you into action, as you set out to look for the temple. It will be long and difficult and that motive keeps you going. Along the way, you can see the vast forest that resides in the mountain. What stands out the most to you?
  5. Traveling for the day has come to an end. You take a rest besides a sturdy tree to sleep. Do you dream or have dreams often?
  6. While in your small rest you hear this question echo the caverns of your mind: “ what means the most to you?”
  7. The question is then followed,” ... do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you can make it up the mountain side?
  8. You suddenly jolt awake. There is still so much more traveling! If your mind strays from the task at hand you might never make it! Are you easily distracted?
  9. The voice of last night, still kinda makes you question. Where did it come from? What was it’s meaning? Your just walk off, down the trail, hoping the right decisions were made. However you feel very close to your goal. And now discover it is on the top of the mountain. It makes you wonder: how would this trip of gone, if you were with a close friend?
  10. You are so close to the temple, you can almost feel it! Your heart starts pounding knowing nothing else quite matters at this point, except you becoming reborn. It’s just up this last climb! But something crosses your mind and heart. Do you deserve this? Do YOU feel like you deserve a better or new life?

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