The Journey: The Story Begins (Part 3)

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Hello and welcome to The Journey: The Story Begins (Part 3). I hope you like this part because I kinda worked hard on it. I lied I didn't really work hard on it.

Hello and welcome to The Journey: The Story Begins (Part 3). I hope you like this part because I kinda worked hard on it. I lied I didn't really work hard on it

Created by: xbox360fan

  1. I woke up to the sound of my alarm which I hit the snooze button as soon as I heard it. I closed my eyes for a minute and the alarm went off again so this time I got up and turned off my alarm. I got dressed in a black Bon Jovi band hoodie and pulled on dark blue ripped skinny jeans I then slipped on my black converse. I headed downstairs and sat down at the table since we always get up early we always eat together. Every meal is important to us so that is why most schools and business let us have a lunch break from 12:30 to 3:00 here in Italy so we have time to sit down with the family and eat with our family.
  2. I helped my mom set the table. What we had was this. Polenta with honey in it, fresh fruit, and we also had coffee. After setting the table Bella decided to come down and of course mom greeted her with a hug. Well let's see now... It so happens to be our birthday tomorrow we're turning 17 and I bet you Bella will get more stuff then me. I honestly miss my daddy he was always there for me but now that time is over since he left us. I sat down at the table avoiding Bella and we started to eat.
  3. After we finished eating I walked to school since it wasn't that far but Bella got a ride with some of her friends. Oh, well I'm fine with that it just pisses me off that she always acts like a perfect angel and gets whatever she wants. As I reached the school I had to wait for a minute to cross the road so I wouldn't get hit by anything. I got tired of waiting so I just quickly sprinted to the other side my leg grazed against a hood of a car and I could feel it luckily though I was fast enough to get to the other side. I walked inside the doors only to see Bella walk out the bathroom dressed in a white tight shirt that was see through and a pink very short mini skirt. She was also wearing grey stockings/socks up to her thighs. And as her shoes they were black heels.
  4. I rolled my eyes at the thought of everyone following her around like she was some celebrity. I got to my math class and sat in the back I was pretty much daydreaming until someone started to tap at my desk. I snapped out of my daydreaming phase and looked up and saw Max. "Can I sit here" he asked "ya, sure..." I responded plainly as if I had no idea who he was. Max eyed me suspiciously before he turned his attention towards the board. In the middle of class I felt Max tap my shoulder and I looked over "what" I asked "do you by chance to know someone named Bella" He whispered back. I sighed and nodded my head "yes I do... why" I said "oh because I heard she had a sister is that true" he asked. I nodded my head again "yes she does..." I responded plainly and began daydreaming again.
  5. "Oh, so what's your name then" he asked. I ignored his question and daydreamed about random things including what would happen if the world really did get destroyed in 2012 or 2013 that kind of stuff. Once I couldn't take anymore teaching I slipped out the window quietly and carefully. I ran through the courtyard and towards an old tree house in a nearby park. Once I got there I climbed up the rope ladder and into the tree house's door I smiled once I got inside. I sat down on an old couch which is in the tree house. On the inside of the tree house there is the old couch I'm sitting on, four beanbag chairs, one small bed, and I had my electric and acoustic guitar sitting on their stands in the corner.
  6. I stood up and headed to the bed and curled up on it. I then set my phones alarm to 12:00 I then slowly fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the alarm on my phone going off and I snapped awake and turned off the alarm and set it this time to 12:25 and fell asleep again. I then woke up again and turned off my alarm and just simply brushed my fingers through my hair so it wouldn't be so messy and I put my phone into my pocket. I hopped out the tree house and started walking home for lunch since it was almost 12:30 anyways.
  7. Once I got home it was 12:55 I'm at least lucky they waited. My mom had made some risotto, grilled beef, tomato salad, we had some bread, and after that we had fresh fruit. Then there was wine and water. The wine we drank isn't too much of it although it is good for the heart but drinking too much can be bad for you so we have water as well.
  8. After we got finished eating which was at about three-ish we headed back to school. I was being fussed at by Bella because I was late and I mean like not just fussed at I mean I was being sweared at and stuff like that. I would rather not go into full detail because ya know I'm not going to repeat after her like that. Once Bella got inside I saw that she had already changed back into her slutty clothes. Man that was quick.
  9. I then got cornered by this random group of kids that were obviously looking for a fight. I didn't feel like fighting at all so I tried to find an escape route. Turns out the people were using words so I got stuck with them telling me about how I will never be loved, why my dad left me and stuff like that. Once I couldn't take it anymore I pushed past the crowd but I caught a glimpse of Max and Bella who were also a part of the crowd. As I ran off I heard Bella yell towards me "whore" man she's a mighty fine one to be talking. And then I think I heard Max call me a bi*ch and f---er and stuff like that.
  10. Tears started to stream down my face as I ran out the school. I stopped once I was on a street that no one really passes through anymore. I sat down on the sidewalk and brought my knees up to my chest and lifted up my hoodies sleeves revealing a ton of scars on both arms. I grabbed my razor out my back pocket and started to cut as I am cutting everything just seems to slip away. I don't feel any hurt or sorrow anymore as I cut. I feel slightly better.
  11. I stopped once I felt someone tapping on my shoulder and I looked up to see a little girl. "Why are you crying and cutting yourself" the girl asked "no reason..." I responded "you sure... oh by the way I'm Ash" she said with a slight smile. "I'm Alex" I responded "oh well Alex then why are you cutting and crying" she asked again. I swear she sounded way to mature to be young. I finally gave in and told her everything pretty much about my whole life.
  12. Ash had been listening to everything I have been saying which actually made me feel slightly happy on the inside. Ash yawned tiredly and I saw this "come on Ash, you can stay with me for the night" I said Ash nodded and I picked her up and carried her to my house carefully. I slipped past my mom and Bella since it was like now 8:00 time flies by pretty fast. I set Ash on my bed and covered her up I then closed my door and pulled out a little fold out bed and I carefully sat down on it. I then lowered myself down to where I was laying down. I slowly fell asleep.
  13. Alright so I hope you enjoyed this part. Please rate and comment.
  14. I honestly don't think this was the best to start off with. Leaving me feedback so I can improve would help a lot.

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