how well do you know mytholoogy around the world?

Do the gods know you, or do you know of the gods? The world's religion is something that dates the time of man upon this earth. This quiz is for those that dare to learn of the thought process of history.

ARE YOU RELATED TO THE GODS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT A GOD IS? CAN YOU NAME A FEW? Those are not questions in this quiz, but your knowledge of them will be tried to the extreme, and we will see if you have what it takes to tell the tales of the might gods, their handsome hero children, and their subjects; normal humans

Created by: amazon
  1. Let's start with a rather easy one-how many olympians are there?
  2. We will stay on Greek gods/goddesses for now-who's ankle was his doom in the Trojan War?
  3. Norse is next! Who is the evil god?
  4. Who survives Ragnarok?
  5. Egyptian Myth lore! Who is the ibex-headed god?
  6. Which god tricks Osiris into the sarcophagus where he was cut into several pieces?
  7. Who is the sun god in Japanese mythology?
  8. Were there such things as demi-gods?
  9. Freebie! this is a gift from your god(s)
  10. LAST QUESTION!!!!! I bet you are happy, yet again, I do not bet. Moving along, What was the Incan sun god? (I love sun gods)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know mytholoogy around the world?