People in Greek Myth

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Created by: William Moulton

  1. Which woman asked the Phemius to stop the song of the Returns from Troy?
  2. The male attendants of Aphrodite are called Erotes. They included Eros, Himeros and their brother whom?
  3. Menelaus sends Antilochus to Achilles with the ghastly new that "slain is the best man of the Achaeans". Who is he talking about?
  4. Which wife of Theseus falls madly in love with her step-son Hippolytus?
  5. In the Iliad, Nastes led the Carians, men of strange speech that held a city and about it wooded Mt. Phthinos, the River Meander and the lofty crest of Mt Mykale. What was the name of their city?
  6. The leader of the Myrmidons at Troy is described as having what kind of chest?
  7. The souls of Penelope's suitors are compared to what animals?
  8. Which daughter of Minos did Theseus wed and then abandon on Naxos?
  9. The hero Miletus was the son of which god?
  10. Which river does Odysseus use to sail into Persephone's realm?

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