Ajax son of Oielus and Orestes

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Created by: WilliamMoulton2 of Hour 25
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  1. Who is Orestes' father?
  2. Who was Telemachus' father?
  3. Who were the ancient goddesses of revenge?
  4. What close friend of Achilles killed more Trojans than he did?
  5. When donning armor which piece does a warrior put on first?
  6. Which deity killed Ajax the Lesser for his hubris?
  7. Cerberus, Hydra, Nemean Lion, and Orthrus - How many heads did each have?
  8. Which two Iliadic heroes were compared to yoked oxen?
  9. Who has the keys to the storage room where Zeus' thunderbolt is kept?
  10. Which goddess did NOT compete for the golden apple thrown at Thetis' wedding?

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