Greek Heroines from the East

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Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. Zeus had his golden throne on the highest summit of which mountain?
  2. Now there is before Troy a steep mound afar out in the plain, with a clear space about it on this side and on that; this do men verily call Batieia, but the immortals call it the barrow of which Amazon queen and ancestress of Troy ?
  3. Hippolytus' mother was an Amazon. Which king of Athens was his father?
  4. Medea, the enchantress, took revenge on Pelias by persuading his daughters to do what?
  5. Who was twice-born Dionysus' mom?
  6. Who was Zagreus' mom?
  7. The god Hermes’ special divine identity is forged immediately after his birth when he steals the cattle of which god?
  8. Medea is the treacherous daughter of which king of Colchis?
  9. Which hero carries the body of Achilles off the battle field?
  10. Legend relates that on Jason returned from Colchis with which golden prize?

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