What's your relationship like?

Do you get a long well with your boy/girlfriend? are you sadly mistaken? find out with this quiz. Especially for teenagers who think they're "in love" it might give you another persons look at your relationship.

Relationships are difficult. Nobody but yourself can truly judge your own relationship but it's always good to get an outsiders view so that you're not blinding yourself into something that isn't really true!

Created by: Roberta
  1. Do you tickle your boyfriend/girlfriend a lot?
  2. how often do you fight with your boy/girl friend? *be honest*
  3. Have you met your boy/girlfriends parents?
  4. How much in common do you have with your boy/girlfriend?
  5. Do you talk to each other? is your relationship based on communication?
  6. Does your boy/girlfriend accidentally call you their best friend of the opposite sex?
  7. Does your boy/girlfriend talk/text somebody you really hate/cant stand such as their EX boy/girlfriend?
  8. Why are you dating your boy/girlfriend?
  9. Do you agree on the music you put on the radio?
  10. What is your girl/boyfriends favorite sport

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Quiz topic: What's my relationship like?