Are You A True Blue Kiwi?

There are many folk out there who profess to be Kiwi or at least have some New Zealand connection. After all Kiwi's are unique and a Kiwi is not just a country but a culture.

Do you think you are able to answer these questions. Do you think you have the Kiwi way "down Packed?" Well then, take a shot and "Bob's Your Uncle"

Created by: Angelina
  1. What is a morepork?
  2. What type of tomato sauce brand do Kiwi's usually eat with Fish & Chips
  3. If I had a pair of jandals on, what would I be wearing?
  4. He's as tough as "number 8" meaning - as tough as?
  5. What are Togs?
  6. What is a scarfie?
  7. What is a piker?
  8. If I said you were a "sook", what would I mean?
  9. If I said I were cackhanded, what would I mean?
  10. What does L&P stand for?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Blue Kiwi?