How much do you know about the show Red Vs. Blue?

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This is a quiz based off of Red Vs. Blue. You will be tested with you're knowledge to see if you are a really big fan of Red Vs. Blue. I hope you enjoy you're score.

If you haven't really watched Red Vs. Blue I highlighy suggest that you do. If you are posotive you know a lot about Red Vs. Blue then take this quiz.

Created by: xbox360fan
  1. Alright first question. How many seasons of Red Vs. Blue are there?
  2. Who makes Red Vs. Blue?
  3. Who does the voice of Grif?
  4. Who does the voice of Caboose?
  5. In what episodes was Captain Flowers in?
  6. What is Donuts full name?
  7. What color is Simmons armor?
  8. Who does Sarge threaten to shoot all the time?
  9. What is Project Freelancer? (This one only has two answers)
  10. What team is Doc on?
  11. Who is the smartest?
  12. What color armor does Tucker have?
  13. What are Freelancers named after?
  14. Is Tex a guy or a girl?
  15. Who is Ephsilon?
  16. Who are the team members of the red team? (Diseased and vehicles included)
  17. That's all the questions I have ready to see what you get?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the show Red Vs. Blue?