Love is in One Direction part 4

Ready to hate me? Haha I actually had this written for a while, I just havent found the time to post it. I hope you forgive me. and not more comment counting. I promise. :) If you're new, just click the blue "Bagels" below and it'll show you a link to parts 1-3. Come back when you've finished them!

So just a recap: -You're Nialls princess. (Woop woop!) -Zayn's obviously can't decide between you and Ella -Liam kissed you and is all depressed -Harry liikes you and isn't afraid to show it (oooh!) -Louis likes Ella still but is pissed at the world cuz he does.

Created by: Bagels

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  1. You finally meet up with the rest of the boys and Ella. They've got an umbrella set up, a net for beach volleyball and blankets spread across the floor. Niall sets down the basket. He give you a wink and walks over to the net to play volleyball with Zayn, Louis and Liam. Not wanting to talk to Ella, who's watching the game, you sit next to Harry. He's propped up against the umbrella resting and looking out  into the ocean. 
  2. Right when your butt hits the sand, he places his arm around you and invites you to rest your head on his shoulder. You slouch and bit and tilt your head. "Some morning, huh?" he says breaking the silence. You nod silently. With his free hand, he plays with tips of your hair. He draws circles with a finger across your exposed belly. Chills are sent down your spine. He brings his hand up to your chin and lifts your head. He looks at you with his intense green eyes. "Why did you let Laim kiss you?"
  3. Before you get a chance to answer, Ella walks up behind you and says, "I'm starving! Let's eat now!" Harry shrugs and walks toward the basket and proceeds to set up lunch, followed by Ella. Zayn walks to you and holds out his hand you grab it and he helps you up. Walking noticeably close to you, he says, "Glad you could finally make it." He walks past you and lightly brushes your thigh subtle enough that only you will notice. You feel your heart speed up the slightest bit.
  4. You notice Ella has already gotten herself comfortably smooshed between Louis and Zayn and you roll your eyes. Zayn pats the spot beside him and you sit beside him. Niall crouches next to you holding the basket followed by Liam, then Harry.  Niall opens up the basket and smiles. "I hope you guys like lunch. I know _____ will." He gives you a wink and you notice Zayn, Harry and Liam look at you at exactly the same time with a face of concern. Louis on the other hand has a smile bigger than Niall's.
  5. "We have sandwiches and juice," he says proudly. He passes everyone a sandwich and juice box. You feel the tension in the air as the boys eat in silence. You notice Liam sitting there with his sandwich, untouched, looking at you with sad in his eyes. "Whats wrong?" you mouth. He shakes his head and stands. "I'm still a bit full from breakfast." You all watch him as he sulks down the shore. "I'm gonna go talk to him," you say following him. 
  6. You hear vague singing behind a giant rock. "He takes your hand, I die a little. I watch your eyes, and I'm in riddles. Why can't you look at me like that..." With his head in his hands he gives a large sigh. "Was that you singing?" you say. His head jerks up abruptly and looks away. You sit next to him and hold his hand. "I like you," you hear him say. "Heck, I might even love you..."
  7. "You don't have to say anything. I know I'm not the only one," he tells you standing up. As he begins to walk away, you grab his hand once again and ask, "What was that song you were singing?" He looks at you, smugly. Kicking his feet he says, "Oh just some random song I've been working on. It's stupid," He pulls his hand out of yours and walks away. "I need some time by myself. Tell the guys I went back to the house."
  8. You watch him trudge slowly in the opposite direction of the house. You decide to let him be and walk back to Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Ella. When you plop down next to Zayn, everyone bombards you with questions. "Is he alright? Where did he go?" Niall asks. You tell everyone his excuse and they go back to their own conversations. Later on in the day, you notice that Ella's missing. "Hey, ______, have you seen Zayn? I wanna show him this fish I found."
  9. "Hmm nope have you seen Ella?" you ask. Louis shakes his head, "Let's go look for them together." He smiles and pulls you away from the everyone else. You're both calling Zayn and Ella. After about 10 minutes, you almost give up. Just as you open your mouth to call Ella, you hear faint talking. Louis notices it too and leads you behind a giant boulder. You don't see it at first, but Louis squeezes your hand tightly and when you look up, your jaw drops.
  10. You see Ella and Zayn having a hardcore make-out session. Louis drops your hand and whispers, "No way." You see trauma and heartbreak spread across his face. He takes a step forward and you try to hold him back but he shakes out of your grip. "Louis," you say, "don't do anything you'll regret." Zayn opens his eyes and gasps pulling away from Ella. She tries to pull him back, not noticing you and Louis.
  11. "Louis! It's not what it looks like!" Zayn yells flicking Ella off him. He holds his arms out in surrender but Louis just scowls. He flips Zayn off and stomps away. "What's his problem?" Ella says holding Zayn's arm. He pulls his arm away and says, "You're the problem! You told me he wasn't interested! I though we were starting on a clean slate?!" Ella rolls her eyes. "Whatever," she says flicking her hair. "I'm going back to the other guys. See you two later."
  12. You look over to Zayn, shocked and flabbergasted. "What were you thinking?! What made you think that Louis was over Ella? You didn't notice how upset he was all day?" you explode at him. He stands up and tilts his head at you. "Oh, so you're pissed because I made out with my best friends crush? How bout you? Liam won't stop talking about you. You've clearly friend-zoned him and still he won't give up. I think that it's worse that you flirt with 3 other guys right in front of him. While me and Ella are trying to hide it for Louis' sake."
  13. He looks to his left and right and walks closer. You back up against the boulder and glare at him. Taking slow steps, he says "Look, I'm sorry for yelling. You just make me crazy. Whenever Liam talks about you I get jealous because No one else should be looking at you like the way he does. I just wish that he would leave you alone so I get some time with you." You start to feel uncomfortable and you start to turn towards the beach. He presses his hands against the rock trapping you against him. His lips barely touch yours and with the slightest motion he turns breathing hot breath on your neck. " Don't worry, I'm not gonna kiss you. But at least you know how I feel." He pushes himself off the rock, turns and walks in the direction of the house.
  14. DOONE! Haha I'm actually suuper sorry that I didn't finish this sooner... Sorry. So....what do yah think so far?

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