How true are you to PSU?

Are you a true-blue Penn Stater? One out of every ten people in the United States is a Penn State Graduate! Test your knowledge of PENN STATE to see if you really bleed blue and white! Penn State is one of the best universities in the world!

One out of every person in the United States in a Penn Stater. Are you one of them or are you a Penn Stater at heart? Take this quiz and test your PSU IQ to see if you are a TRUE BLUE PENN STATER.

Created by: Jaime psujem221

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  1. Who is Penn State's long-time football coach?
  2. Penn State not have an NCAA Division I team for which sport?
  3. What is Penn State's mascot?
  4. Who or what was Penn State's first mascot?
  5. What is the name of the student union building at Penn State?
  6. When singing the alma mater at a Penn State football game, you will likely hear Penn State students singing...
  7. What are Penn State's colors?
  8. You are drinking a Pepsi. What do you call it?
  9. What is Penn State's library called?
  10. Penn State is in what state?
  11. In what city is Penn State located?
  12. Which President of the United State had a brother who was President of Penn State at the same time he was in office?
  13. Which school is Penn State's biggest rival?
  14. What's your favorite color?
  15. What is the name of Penn State's football stadium?
  16. Where does Penn State's basketball team currently play (2007)?
  17. What conference does Penn State's football team play in?
  18. What do you do before a PSU football game?
  19. Respond to the following: WE ARE...
  20. Which would you rather do?
  21. I have been to the Penn State Creamery...
  22. What is a Lion Ambassador?
  23. Have you ever called 867-5309?
  24. When is Arts Fest?
  25. Name this Penn State Celebrity: "MIKE THE ________"
  26. When does The Diner close?
  27. Where is the most common place for Penn State grads to take pictures on their graduation day?
  28. What color are the Penn State cap and gown for undergraduates?
  29. Which of the following was not a Penn State President?
  30. What's the Skeller?
  32. Who is the current PSU president?
  33. Are you or do you plan on being a member of the Penn State Alumni Association?
  34. Do you consider yourself a true Penn Stater?
  35. What color is the store front of SBS during football season?
  36. Finish the following: THANK YOU...

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Quiz topic: How true am I to PSU?